Sunday, May 9, 2021

On This Special Day....

...I Honor Thee

 It's been almost four months since we've lost our Mom.  

And those passing months have felt like an eternity.


We (my four siblings and I), are still dumbfounded,

unable to grasp how she was diagnosed with end stage liver failure.
There were no indications of her illness.  It happened so fast.

I'm still hearing those world crashing words...she's gone.


My mom was extraordinary.  We admired so how she built a new life.

In a whole new world. And made it look so easy.

My love of gardening comes from her.


With all the moving around we did, she always created a beautiful garden.  

She grew food, flowers and happy children.  

She taught us kindness and hard work by example.

Our relationship was never stressed but I would be remiss if I didn't
admit that at times, her unsolicited I-know-best advice
would cause me to roll my eyes.

(I bet my girls do that now!)  

It was tough living cross-country...not being able to spend time with her

other than a week's visit home, every other year or so.  But our early

morning calls kept us close.

She wanted the best possible life for her children
and she was so proud of us, and her grandchildren.

I've finally come to terms with our huge loss but just when
I think I have it all together, it takes but the merest thought of her
and the hot rush of tears quickly overcome me.


Then I remember where I acquired my inner strength. 
I smile and breathe a silent prayer.  Thank you, Mom.


Your voice, laughter and spirit will forever be with me.

I dedicate this loving post to my wonderful siblings,
Nancy, Homer, Glenn and Noel. 
And to my amazing daughters...Amanda and Emma.

Rest in Peace, Theu Prefontaine.

May 6, 1943 ~ January 16, 2021


  1. These few words give me an understanding of the person she was and the legacy she leaves behind in her children and grandchildren.
    Words won't bring her back, but it will keep the memory of her alive.
    This is a beautiful story,thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my Lynn, I had no idea. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your dear bother. Hold fast those memories of her.


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