Monday, August 3, 2015

Mystery Vine...

About a month ago, I noticed a vine starting to grow among my daylily bed.  Thinking it was probably a cucumber or squash vine, I decided to let it be.  But where had it come from?  I certainly had NOT planted it.
In a week's time, it really took off!  I paid it no further mind and off we went on a 10 day vacation.  Upon return, it had grown out of bounds and was choking out my plants!
Hubba-Hubba was not happy it was invading his lawn, as well!
I HAD to chop it back and quick!   But, hey, those weren't cukes hiding under the foliage!
My mystery vine was actually a cantaloupe!  How cool is that?!
I trimmed off the long ends (sacrificed about 10 fruits) and kept about half dozen. Let's see if they'll actually develop full size and tastes as good as they look!
I'll let you know!
Btw...any friends out there grow these melons? Should I encase the fruit with a wrapper to prevent rot?  Any advice would be appreciated!  

Gotta love surprises from Mother Nature! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Did You SPRING forward...?

It seemed unlikely that we would ever get here but, YEAH, the day has finally arrived!
I'm talking about daylight saving time....WOO-HOO!!
I've been spending most  my free time (as have you, I'm sure)
going through seed and garden catalogs, marking which new plants
to try as well as remembering to re-order those tried-and-true favorites.
The time has also arrived for indoor garden tours!  My annual trek to
the Philadelphia Flower Show did not disappoint.  
Disney and Pixar films inspired this year's show theme:
"Celebrate the Movies"
I will share some of those themed displays in another post.
      This entry will highlight the colorful and drop-dead gorgeous bulbs display.
I could not tear myself away from the tulip you will see!
My way of planting alliums in groups of  5, 7 or 9 is good
but a stand of 20 is even better!  
The pink tulips in the foreground were my favorite among the dozens of varieties.
Label marked "Just Kissed"...I'm already searching catalogs to order next fall.
A different angle but the same grouping of Just Kissed...
This is why I love it so!
Just look at the stunning pattern...each flower, each petal...unique!
The en-masse planting effect was mesmerizing!
And the display just went on and on....
A fun candid shot of an adorable visitor going in for a sniff-sniff...
These mini daffodils, were overpowering in their fragrance.
Such a sweet combination they make with the dainty coral bells (heucheras).
This dark purple (almost black) grouping was stunning!
I think I like the single-petaled variety more than the double.
 My garden, at the moment, is still buried under 2ft drifts,
so enjoying a flower show certainly helps feed my soul a bit
and tie me over for a few more weeks.
Maybe it'll rejuvenate and motivate the gardener in you, too!
I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Belated New Year!

But, first a very very belated Merry Christmas!
I know....This post is a month overdue(!) but with the view of a snow-covered landscape out my window this morning, it 'feels' very Christmas(sy), so let's take a tour of a Longwood Christmas, shall we?
 If you are lucky enough to be within driving distance of Kennett Square, PA, you've probably visited this gem of a display garden.  I could plan a monthly trip and still come across something new every visit.  In fact, I do! 
Be sure to check out their website for the wonderful schedule of workshops and lectures as well. 
I find it truly amazing that it only takes 3-full days to transform the greenhouses from the Chrysanthemum show (see previous post) into Christmas magic! 
Each turn down the path leads you into another secret garden...filled with wonderment and appreciation.  I would absolutely love to volunteer here...sigh!!
This long view of the main garden made quite an impact...
and these blue delphiniums took my breath away!
Never will you see a wilted bloom or petal out of place...that's what I call attention to detail!
Do you like this feather arrangement...?
The Cascade Garden showcased this whimsical tree decorated with glass hummingbirds... 
how adorable!
The Music Room featured a centerpiece made from paper leaves and feathers!  Each hand cut...can you imagine?! 
The look had a much more WOW effect in person! 
I "ooh" and "aah"(ed) until my jaw hurt...seriously!
There were many theme-decorated trees but my favorite were just the more simple ones...
The show continued outside as well.  Each tree (and there are hundreds) glowed with thousands (actually, millions!) of twinkly lights.  I forgot gloves this eve so these were quick snaps as I rushed from the parking lot to the
These cascading lights remind me of fireworks, so I'd like to wish you all a Belated Happy New Year, as well!  Better late than never...;D
With 53 days left until Spring (yes, I'm patiently counting!), visiting Longwood is not a bad way to get my garden fix!
Enjoying these lovely hellebores I scored at a trade show last weekend...hurry, Spring!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Long Fall...

No, I didn't trip...Post title refers to one of the most extended autumn seasons in recent memory.  Well, in my mind at least.   Aren't there years when just as we're about to enjoy the scarlets and golds of the landscape...POOF!..they're gone!  And seemingly overnight!
This year, I can't tell you how many days (weeks!), I was able to trek about town and amass tons of colorful photos!  Of course it's helped that we had a wonderful run of perfect weather.  Cool enough for photosynthesis to take effect yet warm enough for foliage to remain intact.  Oh, Glorious days!
 Neighbors' bright Ginkgos take my breath away every
time I leave and return home!  Please don't ask how many times I've pulled over for pics.
Even on the cloudiest days they provide sunshine!
 If you grow Japanese maples, this was their best year, wasn't it?!  I've added 3 new varieties to my garden this year....though just saplings, I can't wait for their 'show' next fall.
Leaf-peeping goes hand in hand with birding so don't forget to look up!  I actually heard this cute little White-Breasted Nuthatch before I saw him.
And you can't mistake the "Coo, coo, coo"s of a Mourning Dove...
I'm truly lucky to be 10 minutes away from this beautiful walking trail of the Raritan River.
I try to avoid peak crowd hours though and time it when the sun lights the landscape just so...
Maples usually turn to shades of red so this golden hue was a very unusual and very special find! 
As was this soft pink seedling...I'm sure due to heavy shade on woodland floor. 
 Not much to share in the way of garden blooms.
Seeds of  these butterfly weeds (Asclepias tuberosa) are just bursting open.  Hopefully, they'll land and take hold in a fertile spot...multiplying my collection.
Also of late interest are seed heads of Clematis terniflora, commonly called Autumn Clematis. 
A volunteer in my garden this year...maybe a trellis will be added at it's base.
Hope you enjoyed the Fall colors.
Thanks for visiting!  Until next time...