Monday, June 17, 2013

Among the Azaleas

There is nothing prettier than a woodland path, adorned with azaleas,
from above and there?
And, strolling beneath the canopy of filtered sunlight can somehow feel ethereal.
At least for me.
If you're not yet a collector of this beautiful spring-blooming shrub, there are many varieties to choose from...based on plant habits, sizes and color.
Though, do you sometimes confuse an anzalea
for a rhododendron?
Me, too!  Next time, count the stamens.  Azaleas tend to have only 5 or 6,
while most rhodys have 10 stamens.
The leathery, broader leaves of the later...
also a good giveaway.
Can't decide on which to plant?  Collect both,
in every color! But, be patient... 
They are slow growers.  And, like a fine wine,
these gorgeous shrubs only get better and better with time.