Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

How fortunate was I to spot this beautiful symbol of LOVE just in time for a Valentine's Day post!! So vivid and bright he was against the snowy backdrop of the garden.

Perusing the archives for other inspirations of LOVE, I came across these oldies but goodies. An extra flutter of the heart is always a good thing...enjoy! And speaking of oldies but goodies..this song makes me cry, cry, cry...with tears of joy!

Roses in bloom...

A bouquet of this for each of you...

Not a bloom but how can you resist this face?! Fluffball Bandit last spring..playing in the pink snow of the Kwanzan Cherry.

Though still burried under a foot a snow...these Bleeding Hearts will come back bigger and stronger in three months' time...imagine that!

The best Valentine gift...EVER!!!...goes to our sweet friend, Linda, for her new bundle of a baby grandaughter. Congrats again, Linda!!
Everyone...have a wonderful V-Day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Walk in the park...

Just when the weather was getting to be somewhat decent, WHAM! Snow and more snow predicted for this weekend...Oh the joys of the Northeast!

This pretty and plump Robin greeted me a few mornings ago. She actually listened when I politely pleaded "don't move, let me get my camera!" Don't we love that?!

Yesterday's snowfall didn't amount to much, but I knew I'd find some pretty scenes at my favorite spot.

The same dock as in the last post...just not so warm and fuzzy.

I had to trek down a hill to get this shot. Imagine how startled I was when a park ranger yelled "Excuse me, Ms. you need to get back to the main road!"! Was he worried I might slip and roll into the water...?! Didn't love that!

No picnics!

Some of my favorite finds were these sweet gum drops,

Clinton's Red Mill, and...

....a bear! Oh my!

It turned out to be a pocketful-day of sunshine and one of my happiest yet of 2010! :)
And as I pulled into the driveway, this sunset was torching the sky.

At the same time, a full moon...on the rise. Gotta love THAT!

Have a wonderful day, my FRIENDS!