Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Sunshine Day....

Who remembers this Brady Bunch episode?
One of my favs...major crush on that Greg!

A beautiful sunrise captured last week at a nearby reservoir...

The stillness of the water was kind of noise :)

I know this family will have a Sunshiney Day!

Don't hate me if this song stays with you all just give in and sing along!

Friday, January 22, 2010

In Slow Mo...

...that's how I feel when I walk through my garden lately! All growth is at a standstill, and with it, my desire to blog :(
Surely, you can relate...Spring can't come soon enough!
I miss visiting the local nurseries (hi Leslie!) where I can spend hours upon hours just browsing.

Hard to believe it was just a month ago that these pansies were looking soo good. They'll probably be the first plants to sprout come April...So, April, please come!!

And you know that I truly and deeply miss my daylilies!

I miss the sound of laughter and activity of kids in the garden...

...and insect life.

I know it's just barely the end of January, but anyone else sick and tired of Winter as I am?! I long for colorful views out my window...even at dusk.

And bright of day.

Em here enjoying the fruits of my labor...okay, technically, Zepherine Drouhin Rose ;) A favorite climber because it's thornless! And a fragrance that can make you drunk...don't we love that in a rose!

The only colors I'm capturing lately requires one to look up...

So what will it take for me to get my a** in gear and get into the mood to blog again? How about the upcoming flower and garden events that will surely fill up my February/March calendar. Friends, if you are planning on attending the Philadelphia Flower Show (scheduled for February 28 thru March 7th), please let me know. I would love to 'meet-up' with any and all of you! Overnight guests welcomed!

Off now for a 3-day stay in VT, where it's even colder! But it's a girl's dream SPA weekend, so I won't complain!
Have a great day, y'all :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Beautiful Winters Day...

Waking up with flurries somehow makes my heart a little heavy, but, luckily, no accumulations lately and sun-shiny skies arrive by noon. The frigid temps, on the other hand, we can do without!

These cuties were chirping away early one morning...I'm not a birder so ID help, pretty please?

A nearby pond alive with Canadian Geese! And boy were they noisy! You just know I'm sneaking on private property, don't you?! As soon as they heard movement in the they took!

Driving home a few days ago...I literally followed this sunset! Can you blame me? It was beautiful!

What's blooming in my garden right now? Nada! But these freeze-dried peppers still have color!

As do these beauty berries...

And even though I woke up with that icky feeling of coming down with something, accompanied by sniffles and body aches, I already feel better knowing we'll have a 'heat-wave' of 50 degrees today! !YAY! Let's go to the beach! No takers? Well, at least bop those shoulders and boogie down with me to Mr. Blue Sky! ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daylily Dreaming....

This post is dedicated to you, George!

Daylilies?! In January?! Wishful thinking, I know....
But hey, a girl can dream, right?

especially with snow flurries out my window...

So, Rene, how many more days 'til Summer??

Dating myself but this is one of my favorite songs...enjoy!