Friday, January 22, 2010

In Slow Mo...

...that's how I feel when I walk through my garden lately! All growth is at a standstill, and with it, my desire to blog :(
Surely, you can relate...Spring can't come soon enough!
I miss visiting the local nurseries (hi Leslie!) where I can spend hours upon hours just browsing.

Hard to believe it was just a month ago that these pansies were looking soo good. They'll probably be the first plants to sprout come April...So, April, please come!!

And you know that I truly and deeply miss my daylilies!

I miss the sound of laughter and activity of kids in the garden...

...and insect life.

I know it's just barely the end of January, but anyone else sick and tired of Winter as I am?! I long for colorful views out my window...even at dusk.

And bright of day.

Em here enjoying the fruits of my labor...okay, technically, Zepherine Drouhin Rose ;) A favorite climber because it's thornless! And a fragrance that can make you drunk...don't we love that in a rose!

The only colors I'm capturing lately requires one to look up...

So what will it take for me to get my a** in gear and get into the mood to blog again? How about the upcoming flower and garden events that will surely fill up my February/March calendar. Friends, if you are planning on attending the Philadelphia Flower Show (scheduled for February 28 thru March 7th), please let me know. I would love to 'meet-up' with any and all of you! Overnight guests welcomed!

Off now for a 3-day stay in VT, where it's even colder! But it's a girl's dream SPA weekend, so I won't complain!
Have a great day, y'all :)


  1. Hi Lynn, it is finally sunny this morning over here! I miss my daylilies too! I am trying to see the beauty of nature in a dirty looking snow!
    Have a nice time at the spa and enjoy!
    Douce France

  2. Thank you so much for all of those beautiful blooms on this rainy day. I did have to catch myself from tapping my foot with the music. LOL! It does lift ones spirit.

  3. Lynn, what beautiful pictures! Girls are so happy and your garden is wonderful. I think I am a black ship or a white crow, because I am the one who haven't had any winter yet and begs for some snow. I feel like I missed a period of hybernation, I missed the whole season. It's green and wet here.

  4. Yep I am sick of winter. Here in MI we are quite deep in cold and snow. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I am getting ready to start seeds for the spring garden.

  5. Have a fun weekend!!!!

    Yes, I too miss COLOR! Here in Wyoming it's beige... everything is beige... well today we got snow... so now we have beige and white!

  6. PS... I love your blog song, New Soul. Very nice!

  7. Heck yes, I am sick of winter. And I have even longer to go. :( I am anticipating another snow this weekend. Darn. Your blooms are all so special. Your kids are adorable and look like they enjoy your garden a lot!

  8. Maybe you need to buy something?? a new tool or something? It'd work for me! :)

    I plan on going to the flower show! My friend Grace and I are taking a little field trip with a group. I would love to meet up and say hello!!!

  9. I live pretty close to Tatyana and am with her in feeling a little left out by the snow. As nice as it is to still see green outside it would be nice to at least see one snowfall.
    I enjoyed seeing all your warm and sunny pictures. Have a fun spa weekend!

  10. so beautiful!!!
    have a wonderful weekend...oh...and don't forget to stop by this week...starting right now to enter and learn about the great give away that is being held on my blog this week!

  11. I say, overnight at your place only in summer to see all the beautitful blooms in your garden he he... Nonetheless,enjoy the flower show and your spa holidays :-D Remember your camera and battery!

  12. Lynn, these photos (and the music) are beautiful. Your daughters are as gorgeous as you are! It's such a treat to come to your blog and see so much beauty. But, yes, I'm tired of winter, too. My friend, who is now my son's mother-in-law will undoubtedly want to be at the Philly flower show. (They used to live there; now are in NC.) I will check with her and see about the possibility of going. Will let you know. Love you, Ginny

  13. Hi Lynn! It sounds as though YOU will be enjoying your weekend! I believe I'm going to make a "resolution" to travel a bit further this Spring... to visit Real Nurseries! :-) I'm not ready for Winter to leave yet (we still have 2 - 3 months), as I have QUITE a few "projects" to do! ha. :-)

  14. Hope you had a wonderful weekend Lynn, and that your luxurious pampering recharged your batteries.

  15. Lynn, have a wonderful trip and come back refreshed! You can always come and help me start seeds for the vegetable garden. ;)

  16. Lynn, I miss your garden too. I still remember your lovely daylilies and the peonies were the first flowers I saw when I visited your blog when I joined Blotanical. I have never ever seen a real peony plant here. And guess what? I finally can report back to you that recently I found some yellow daylilies at the local nursery and I have bought one to try out. I wonder if it is the real one. And Wow! I just love your photo of the beautiful sunset. The sky is so red!

  17. Thanks, ALL, for your visits and lovely comments! My weekend in VT was rejuvinating and FUN! Saw some beautiful farmlands blanketed in snow...

    I'm happy to hear we may have a chance to meet up in Philadelphia...I'll email for specifics!

    Still too early to start any seeds but I'm getting itchy for some garden therapy!
    A bright and Sunny day to ALL :)

  18. Hi Lynn,
    Just before reading your line asking if anyone else was sick of winter, my husband, Larry heard me tearing up from another room, and asked me if I was alright. I think that answers your question.

    Do you have any posts about your kitchen? I'll have to check your tags to see if you do. Thanks for your comment on my kitchen post. Did you see my before photos? I think I'll go back and put a link to that.


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