Monday, August 25, 2008

Roses and Daisies

What started out as good intentions have been replaced with just plain lack of interest. The overcast sky this morning made me think it would be "cool" to get an early start on my weeding and deadheading chores but after 10 minutes of it, I am back inside...thank heavens for a/c. 

There is not a breeze in sight and ugh!...the humidity! Oh well, the weeds can wait. I did snap two pretty photos of the day. The Day Breaker rose has been blooming off and on since late May and the Marguerite daisies are back in full bloom after it's 3rd shear of the summer. The statuette is only 18" so the daisies are quite petite. A pretty combination though. 

End of August is always the toughest time for the garden to still be full of life and color.  At least in my garden, anyway.  Guess we'll have to remedy that by planting more late season plants.  There's always 'next year'.  Stay cool, guys!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Daylily

The very last daylily to bloom this season is Apple Crisp.
Confess that I purchased this one not in bloom just because I liked the name.
Of course having done that with several plants, there have been
errors with the tags so if I'm mistaken, please feel free to correct me.
I can't wait for this one to get "clumped" up next year!  Grow baby, grow!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cherry Tomats!

Not a "bloom" but the cherry tomatoes (Sweet Million) looked so pretty in the morning light!  They've reached almost 6ft. and tastes like a burst of sunshine in your mouth!  I ate too many and now have a canker sore...ouch!  What veggies do you grow?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Please meet the luv-fluff of my life, Bandit!
He's a Coton de Tulear...say whaaat?!!

He's 3 yrs. old and pretty spoiled...but how can he NOT be..just look at that face!

 He's also my shadow in the garden!  Mischief is his middle name so keeping a watchful eye and trying to do garden chores do not mix.  Too bad his puppy brown spots have faded to white...

And More Daylilies

Another beautiful day in Hunterdon County. Mush mummies are cleaned (I love this chore!) but am sad to see so few daylilies in bloom. Can anyone recommend late varieties for zone 6? Best in bloom today is this beauty, Bridgeton High Society. 


Beautiful pink Chance Encounter (top photo) was one of my first 10 daylily purchased. The picture does not do justice as the blooms are huge and take your breath away.

The red/orange daylily, I believe, is Chicago Apache.

Monday, August 18, 2008


A wonderful bloomer in deep orange is Bridgeton Intense Flame. The scapes are at least 40" and I think would be even taller if in a sunnier spot.

Second photo is Bridgeton Gem.  I just LOVE it!
It was a late bloomer for me (at least 8 scapes with tons of buds!)...I saw the first 3 beautiful blooms then some uninvited company ate all but 2 tiny buds! At least I have this keepsake photo!

About Me

Dear Friends,
I can now cross off "Create a garden blog" off my Things I'd Like To Do list...Of course, this new hobby will take away all the free time I need to work on my Chores list. Oh well, I'd rather cultivate (and weed!) outside than dust and vacuum inside..who's with me?! I have loved gardening as long as I can remember and having just been bitten by the Daylily Bug (and it's a doozie!), I find myself spending endless hours on the web reading other garden blogs so what more fun than to add my own!

I hope to share pictures of my growing collection (at least 30 at this time) of daylilies and perennials. I will be light on words and heavy on photos, if that's OK with you.  I'm located in central New Jersey, in beautiful Hunterdon County, and my 1 acre garden is 10 years in the making. I can't thank (or curse!) my friend, Renee, enough for introducing me to daylilies 2 years ago and I wonder how I've lived without them for so long! I'm looking forward to "meeting" all you bloggers out there (who's skipping your chores, too!).  Now, if I can only figure out how to download photos, we'll be all set!  Thanks for visiting!

Yours in gardening,