Monday, August 25, 2008

Roses and Daisies

What started out as good intentions have been replaced with just plain lack of interest. The overcast sky this morning made me think it would be "cool" to get an early start on my weeding and deadheading chores but after 10 minutes of it, I am back inside...thank heavens for a/c. 

There is not a breeze in sight and ugh!...the humidity! Oh well, the weeds can wait. I did snap two pretty photos of the day. The Day Breaker rose has been blooming off and on since late May and the Marguerite daisies are back in full bloom after it's 3rd shear of the summer. The statuette is only 18" so the daisies are quite petite. A pretty combination though. 

End of August is always the toughest time for the garden to still be full of life and color.  At least in my garden, anyway.  Guess we'll have to remedy that by planting more late season plants.  There's always 'next year'.  Stay cool, guys!

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