Friday, July 15, 2011

Daylilies Galore

For those of us that LOVE the genus Hemerocallis...we look forward to the month of July. It's peak bloom time in my zone 6 garden, and this year the display is spectacular! I've spent a fortune on sprays to keep the deer at daylilies are on their list of top 3 goodies. But, still...there are mornings when I'm out mush-mummy-ing and just break down in tears when scapes are stripped bare.

Like this beautiful clump of Scarlet Orbit under my garden sign. The morning after this photo was taken (thank goodness!), nothing but naked stems! Makes me soo mad!

Love this Dallas Star! Courtesy of friend, George, the Vermont Gardener (see side link)

I've only collected a few spider forms...this is Peacock Ribbon

The ever popular Bela Lugosi

Wineberry Candy~one of my faves! It's been blooming like this everyday for the past two weeks...from just one clump!

Mid-July and pansies are still in bloom! That's Blackberry Candy above

Bright up to it's name

Pure and Simple...another fave

A centerpiece that will last but a day...

Packing up again and this time, heading off to the Happiest Place on Earth!
I'm sure there will be pictures of Disney gardens coming soon. Have a wonderful weekend!