Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring!

This time yesterday, everywhere I looked, the garden was covered in snow.  The landscape was dull and grey...with one vibrant exception!

Funny how 24 hours can make such a difference!  Well, it hasn't changed this drastically!  But, oh...would be so nice, eh?  Let's stroll through this lovely garden display from the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Anywhere else, these bold colors would surely clash,
but in a garden...anything goes. 
Even this adorable little outhouse at the end of the path.
If you haven't tried growing tulips, they are easy!  Though if in Zones 8 and above, treat them as annuals.  This two-toned beauty is named Kees Nelis.  They last well cut, and even continue growing in a vase.  Try adding the petals to a salad...they are edible.  Really, they are!
Well, it's a gorgeous day so this gardener is headin' out to limb up and clean up.
Enjoy this first day of Spring, y'all!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter's Last Kiss

I didn't mind waking up to this scene yesterday...
but, let's hope it really IS the last
hurrah from Old Man Winter.
An opportunity for some pretty pics, at least.

Too bad I couldn't get this little guy to face me.
With clouds clearing and sunshine by midday, branches were quickly bare, and streets cleared, so I ventured out.

For more photos, of course.

This common merganser was well camouflaged, save that flash of beak!

Same with the grey heron!
Though enjoying my new found hobby of birding, I can't help but be most anxious for that first pop of color in my garden: Hellebores!

Thanks for stopping by, and, don't forget to 'Spring forward' tomorrow, friends!