Friday, September 25, 2015

Garden Art: The Earth Goddess

As you stroll along the shaded path towards the Cascades Garden of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, a glimpse of what's ahead stops you in your tracks!  You inhale in disbelief. did they do that?!

The shape, the colors, the immense size!  WOW!  Walking faster than my little legs can manage, I reach the display...still with mouth agape.  (Be patient for the big reveal!)

This living artwork has become the signature exhibit at the ABG, since it's installation in 2013.  The sculpture weighs nearly 29 tons and contains more than 18,000 individual plant!

 What started out as a pencil rendering transformed into a massive steel framework.  The steel structure is covered in fabric and stuffed with soil-less planting medium.
Thousands upon thousands of plant 'plugs' are fitted into holes punched in the fabric.  And plant materials are swapped out for seasonal interest.
During my visit mid-June, you can see the plant materials included potato vines, coleus, duranta, lantana, and creeping Baby Tears.  These plants are trimmed by hand once a week to maintain shape and size. It is a sight to behold!
She is actually showcased across a pond fountain so all photos are from a distance.  I would've loved to been able to walk around the frame and see her up close.  At 20ft., the scale comparison would've been cool.
I have seen unusual topiaries but this is UNIQUE and INSPIRING!  As you can see, I spent quite a bit of time here...trying to capture her from every angle.
So of you ever find yourself in Fulton Co., Georgia, with a free afternoon...go visit The Earth Goddess at The Atlanta Botanical Garden....tell them I sent you!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Catching Up....Part 2, 3 and 4!

Just a few minutes free so let's get down to business!

 Some of my daylilies in bloom these past few months...
cultivar name under each photo...enjoy!
Red Ribbons
(Lenington-G., 1964)
Dancing in the Sunlight (Herr-D., 2006)
Lilting Belle (Wilson, 1983)
Black Arrowhead (Roberts-N., 2002)
Jane Trimmer (Trimmer, 2002)
Mary's Gold (McDonell-H., 1984)

Baby Dragon (Gossard, 2011)
Brown Witch (Reed, 1999)
Creature of the Night (Reed, 1999)
Springfield Clan (Trimmer-J., 2001)

 Gotta run!  Have a beautiful day!!