Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh What a View!

Last Wednesday night, Amanda and I were heading off to the gym. It was 7:20 pm and as we were pulling out of the driveway, I commented, "This is weird!" The sun was shining but it was raining at the same time! As we drove to the end of our road, we saw a rainbow off in the distance. "Quick, grab my camera", I said. "Oh, Mom!" came the response. I ALWAYS have my camera in my purse...Blogging Rule #1. While I drove, Mandy snapped a few shots for me over rooftops and telephone poles.

Suddenly, I swerved and took a hard right. "Are you crazy?!" She asked, rhetorically. Something made me take the detour! "I'm following that rainbow!" know what came next..."Aye-yai-yai!!"
A few more turns and we were at the crest of this road. And this is what we saw! The rainbow was directly over this church! I instantly teared up, as I know some you would have, too! After a few minutes and probably 50 photos..Rule #2, take LOTS of pictures...she was antsy and ready to go. Me...I wanted to hit the horn so everybody in the neighborhood would come out and see but DD wouldn't let me!! She did, however, admit to how COOL it was to see every spectrum of color so vividly!

And after a few more minutes of just sitting and admiring, we saw a double rainbow! I know this wondrous view won't be repeating anytime soon so I'm truly thankful! By the time we got to the gym, the rainbows had faded...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

It's official! I'm joining in the fun at Tootsie's and making this my first Fertilizer Friday post! Head on over and visit other gardeners flaunting their flowers!

Every two weeks or so, my entire garden gets a thorough feeding from Miracle-Gro. You know the plastic canister of blue crystals that attaches to your hose? That's my secret! I water every plant by hand so it's a 3+ hrs. chore! One of these days, our well will probably run dry!! So that's manure, no fish tea, no mushroom compost...just those magical blue crystals! I do concentrate on my they'll grow big, strong, and beautiful!

'Wineberry Candy'...first bloom on a favorite daylily! Almost 5" across and she's fragrant, too!
Primroses/sun drops are out of control!
I needed a low maintenance perennial to go around one of the maple trees so in went 18 'Munstead' lavenders. An early spring trim to the base and they bloom beautifully 'til mid July then I clip them back again to keep neat. This planter is too far away for my hose so they're on their own...I wasn't kidding about low maintenance. Add blossoms to your bath for a relaxing soak and you'll smell nice, too ;)
A second flush of blooms on 'Ebb Tide'. The flowers are smaller but, ooohhh, the fragrance...hypnotic!
I don't remember planting these pinky/white Rose Campions. Do they change colors like that?
The first three blooms opened this morning on one of my favorite (broken record...I know!) daylilies...'Scarlet Orbit'. There are 17 scapes (yep, I counted!) on this clump with an average of 9 buds per scape! That's over 150 flowers!! Can you tell I'm a just a tad excited...

Wild daisies growing around the a/c unit. These don't get watered or fertilized.

This 'Niobe' clematis was planted last fall. The late blooms in Oct. were a very different shade of lavender so I thought it was mislabeled. However, the blooms this season is much more true to the cultivar...

Here's a few of the large pots filling in nicely. Due to all the rain, I've not had to water them for almost 2 weeks! And I try to follow the 3 'ER' rules for planters. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about...? You need a ThrillER plant...something tall and unusual. In this case it's the trellis with the morning glory. You need FillERs and, of course, the cascade. It's that simple.But when it comes to color, I don't follow any rules...just whatever looks healthy and catches my eye. Somehow, they just all 'go together' in the end. Well, maybe this 'Bonfire' begonia clashes a little...

Almost three ft. tall, this astilbe is putting on a great show.
And a pretty mini one loaded with plumes.
Asiatic Lilies were planted a few years ago from a 'mixed collection' but they've ended up being mostly this deep orangey-red color..which I do really love.
Tootsie, I did it! My first Fertilizer Friday post! Thanks for letting me flaunt my stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blue Skies at Last!

Can't tell you how happy I am to finally see sunshine! It's been dark and wet for the past 4 days! A few pots have succumbed to root rot and flowers came and went without me even noticing them! Many photos taken of blooms with raindrops but I'll save those for another day...Here are the bright and sunny ones!
Bishop's Weed, Snow on the Mountain, Gout Weed (Aegopodium podagraria variegata).
This groundcover, by any name, is pretty (Queen Ann's Lace-like blooms) but be warned! Very invasive!

A cool looking visitor on this butterfly weed
'Loraine Sunshine' False sunflower
'Siloam Double Classic'...more like a semi-double on this first bloom. First bloom of 'Pure and Simple'

How's this for an attention grabber!
I love this miniature rose with her many layers of petals and sweet fragrance. Purchased from the supermarket...I'm happy to see her return every year.
The rain did wonders for these Asiatic lilies. After this photo was taken, they were completely devoured by you know who!
And speaking of the devil.....I was 6 ft. away and she didn't even budge! Wait! Is that a smirk?!!
Though many of you may be wishing for rain, I'm hoping we'll get a break! At least for a few days so this gardener can go on a weed attack!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Very Special Day!

I can hardly believe it! I'm the proud mom of a high school graduate!! The past 18 years have felt more like 18 seconds! Though not garden related, I just have to commemorate this special occasion and where else but on my blog! So, dear friends, please indulge me as I show off my oldest Darling Daughter with this tribute!

Dear Amanda,

It was fun going through our albums trying to figure out which photos to share. There were hundreds....(first child syndrome-your poor sister!)...and, strangely enough, most of the photos' backgrounds are of flowers...Hmmm, no surprise there!

Our Announcement photo! A few days old and under 6 lbs., you were like a baby doll! Your parents were in AWE of your every little movement and expression. Your teeny mouth would form this huge "O" every time you were was the cutest thing ever!!

Your bedtime stories were often gardening books...and look how they knocked you out...haha!

Here we are enjoying the sunshine and planting flowers. You remember this day, don't you?

Teehehe...I'll never forget this Mother's Day! You wanted to pick me a flower from the garden.... but look what I got instead! And here, you wanting to be 'just like mom' and wear flowers in your hair...which I still do to this day.

Little Lady Liberty...with your hollyhock torch!

Always ready with a smile when I pulled out my camera...

Not only are you an amazing daughter, but you are a wonderful big sister, too! Getting all junior high!
Remember the times I'd let you play 'hookie' and accompany me to flower shows? Hoping my love of plants would rub off, but I think you were just thrilled to be missing

One of my favorite photos of you!! Don't look at the weeds, please!

As your senior year came to an end, I watched as your excitement build for Prom and Graduation. Feeling a heavy heart and knowing these two major events would lead to such finality, I also couldn't help but beam with pride at the young woman you've become.

Even a rainy day for Prom did not dampen your bright smile and spirit...

Like all proud mothers, my eyes welled up with tears of joy on this special day! Congratulations, Amanda!

The excitement you show here, being accepted to this beautiful college of your choice, is what all parents wish for. So, as you embark on your next big journey, Darling Daughter, all the love in my heart will travel with you. ALWAYS!!