Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello, Beautiful Peonies!

Happy 1st of June, everyone! Now it feels like summer!

Remember the daffodil border back in April? It is now the peonies border. The first photo was taken last week and the other two, just this morning. The cool temps and (not so heavy) rain we've had really prolonged the blooms. You know that floppy, messy look peonies tend to get when they start blooming..? My secret weapon....peony hoops! They come in different heights and, as you can see, they really help keep the stems upright. I also try to pinch out side buds to keep them from being top heavy. Notice there is only one white among all the pinks. I need to add another on the end, I think. I find the white to be most fragrant, too. The shortest is the deep magenta.
In another week, these actually will look pretty messy but, right now, they sure are beautiful! 
And the best part, deer actually leave them alone!

I wanted to show these "Gladiator" aliums. They obviously bloom much later than the smaller varieties. When I went to pry the blooms apart, it was impossible! They are so tightly fused together...Oh hey, I didn't even notice little Bandit! And that lavender rhody in the background.... Here she is! At least 10 ft. tall and 15 yrs....she gets prettier with age.

This cute little flower (an inch in size) really grabs your attention. It's a geum named "Mrs. Bradshaw". I also grow it in yellow.
Yellow baptisia...a cultivar called "Carolina Moonlight". I ordered this through Better Homes and Gardens 4 years ago and it has clumped up very nicely.
Some late blooming bulbs. First is wood hyacinths. Next is camassia...this white one blooms much later than the blue camassia and is taller and sturdier too. It reminds me very much of a tropical bloom called tuber rose. No fragrance, though.

I would guess this pink flower to be in the dianthus family...she has been in full bloom for over a month!
Bloom time is usually short (2 wks) for bearded irises but there are many on the market now considered to re-bloom...I'll have to wait to see if these are as they are new to the garden. I love the bold contrasting colors and they are fragrant too!

Oriental poppies...isn't this pretty in salmon? Funny that darker pink bloom is from the same plant...
A view of one corner of the garden to the other. Roses are blooming great but I need to spray again as the beetles have done a number of the foliage.

The best part of being a "temp" is the time I can request off. Now I can really get to work in the garden. Anyone care to help me dig a pond?....PLEASE???


  1. Wow is it ever pretty there! I can't believe those peonies, I just have 2 and I'm so happy. I can't imagine having a whole border, I bet it smells delicious! All of your flowers are beautiful!

  2. Everything is just beautiful! The peonies always take my breathe away, they are one thing we cannot grow! I love your poppies too! Everything is lovely, it must be a delight to walk through!

  3. Wow, Lynn--I wish I had your peonies;-) I was happy with my blooms, but, we had so much rain that I only saw them for about a day. I sprained my ankle and didn't even get photos until after the first big rain. Then the next day they were just destroyed. The color of yours is gorgeous...I love pink. What a beautiful border!

    All the rest of your blooms are beautiful, too. It really does looks like summer in your yard!

  4. What a wonderful yard!! I would love to have a look see around your place!!

  5. Lynn, how beautiful! What a good gardener you are!

  6. outstanding!!!! my peony just got leaves!

  7. Lynn how gorgeous is your peony border.Wow! Love it. And your Rhodie of course would be a favorite of mine.

  8. Catherine, you can have all these peonies if I could trade for your pond..haha! I'm just dreading the intensive labor part...but I really want one!

    Hi Sheila, I hadn't realized you can't grow peonies in CA..but, without the cold temps, I guess not. I love the poppies too but so unfortunate they only last about a week!

    Thanks, Jan! Sorry about your ankle :( We were lucky to have decent weather this past week and this coming week too. I'm bummed my Mom won't get to see them when she visits in 2 weeks as they will be kaput by then! Take care and heal quickly so you can get back out there!

  9. Look at all those Peonies! It's Peony heaven! Now that is how they should be grown instead just one here and there (like in my yard- sadly!)

  10. hey again! that mold I is ready to pull up almost as soon as you fill it up. I don't make the cement really runny...kinda like a cake is so easy...especially with a cement mixer! I still ached from lifting the bags into the mixer and scooping it out...but hey! it all turned out well!

  11. Hi Darla, I enjoyed the tour of your garden, too! Come visit anytime!

    Tatyana, well, I'm definitely a good weeder..haha! Rain and sun do the other part!

    Tootsie, is your peony very young and new? I learned too if you divide them, don't transplant them too deeply. It takes a few years to bloom again in that case.

    Hi Lona, that rhodie is in full, full sun so she's fading fast! Thanks for visiting!

  12. Just beautiful. I especially love the last photo of the garden with the white fence; everything is in bloom! I am impatiently waiting for my peonies to bloom - they just seem to be taking their sweet time.

  13. Lynn... what a show of peonies! It just takes my breath away!!!! Can they grow from seeds?

  14. Thanks, Tessa...well you take the cake with your wonderful veg. garden! Hopefully, those peonies will be better next year.

    Jill, thank you! You'll notice alot of my photos include the white Share your peonies when they bloom!

    Hà Xuân, I've never seen peonies offered in seeds..they have tuberous roots very similiar to dahlias and I think they need a cold winter to set blooms. Thanks for visiting :)

  15. How pretty! You have a show stopper going on in your garden right now!

  16. Love the peonys!
    Great post! beautiful!

  17. Hi Lynn, happy 1st June to you too! The peony flowers are so so beautiful! The rest of the flowers are as beautiful. Seriously thinking about a pond? Would the deers come for water later? I hope the peonies will stay for awhile. They are too beautiful to forget :-)

  18. once again...
    your gardens are heavenly!
    and your photographs do them perfect justice!

    beautiful job, all 'round!

  19. Thanks, Heather! Hope you're having fun with your chicks...I'm still trying to get those plans to ya!

    Hi Jessica, did you take the plunge and cut away at the yellow daisy?

    Stephanie, I didn't think about the deer issue with the pond(and probably other critters eating the fish)...Hmmm, still worth it though..I WILL have a pond one of these days!

    Hey Chuck, thanks for the visit! I'm missing your great excerpts but I know you're on to the next important job!

  20. It's all beautiful - but I'm especially lovin' the peonies this year. The pale pinks are my current favorites. I don't have any myself. I remember my mother complaining about their mess as they lined a very long driveway in one of our homes....So I stay away from having them myself. But they certainly seem to be doing well this spring!

  21. Every flower is so colourful and beautiful, but the peony's are quite the best!

  22. Your peonies are so breathtakingly beautiful! I can only have plastic ones or cloth ones that look like the real thing. Wow, looking through your garden is like taking a walk in heaven. It is indeed a humbling experience for me.


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