Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flippin' the pages...

...of the calendar, that is.
How can it possibly be the passing of a whole month since my last visit here? 
So much for that 'once-a-week post' resolution.
BUT, hey, I have a pretty darn good excuse!
Shortly after Mr. Groundhog announced the soon-to-be-over winter, NJ had a wicked
freeze, and yours truly suffered a crash landing on her tailbone, resulting in a fractured sacrum.  Need I say OUCH!

So basically, I was under doctor's orders to be off my feet for 3 weeks.  Sounds like a dream respite, right?  The first week was a blur, due to pain meds, so got my share of beauty sleep, but, the last couple?  I've been going stir crazy!
Today, I'm finally able to sit and not cry in pain.  The donut cushion will be my travelling companion for the next few months though...

So, guys, please take a second to give thanks to your healthy coccyx!

Other than reading and OD'ing on the telly, I did put a few hours to good use.  Plant catalogs are marked for ordering and clients' garden beds are planned for the upcoming season.
Maybe I'll attempt to get behind the wheel today, go for a short cruise.

Btw, anyone stumped in identifying these close-ups?  No rhyme or reason...just pics from my endless archive.
Here's to a new flip on the calendar tomorrow.
Happy March, friends!