Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When in Spain...

Do as the Spaniards do...take a siesta!
Otherwise you'll fall asleep at the dinner table. I speak from! Our four days in Barcelona went by in a flash, but, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Our flight course took nine-hours, plus the 6 hrs. ahead of my body clock didn't help.

I was too excited to nap and witnessed this beautiful sunrise.

Spring at it's peak so the timing was perfect!

I took so many photos of buildings and statues that my neck was kinking up...within the first 2 hours!

How would you like to have this flower market in your neighborhood?

We took amazing cathedral and museum tours but, of course, my favorite...the gardens! Wisterias are not highly scented but I would love to add this vine to my garden.

I snapped this mountain of monuments from the freeway. The dead are very much alive in these hillside cemeteries.

We came across this very famous Farmer's Market!
Anything you could possibly want!

From fruits to

more fruits (I bought those kumquats)

From eggs...

to sheep heads! Appetizing, huh?

Isles upon isles of the freshest catch.
Some I recognized

and some I didn't.

Within two blocks from our hotel was this famous landmark, Casa Batllo.
Designed by renowned architect Antonio Gaudi. The balconies were designed to resemble skulls. More on him later...

Loved watching these sidewalk artists

The Mediterranean! Beautiful but quite empty...except for us tourists.

Atop a park

Here I am at Gaudi's GIANT temple, La Sagrada Familia. Construction started in 1882 and continues to this day!

Hope you enjoyed this too-long-a-post of photos. Be warned...I have more to share! 'Til next time, thanks for stopping by!