Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Articulture" ~ Take Two

I'm taking you on another stroll through the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Ready?  Let's go!

While I was not a huge fan of this year's theme...I can certainly appreciate all the work that went into creating these massive orbs of floral materials. 
Do you recognize these tropical blooms?  It's a Gloriosa Lily.  I've actually bought tubers from the show in past years but the vines were weak and very few blooms.  Maybe worth another try...I do love them!
These variegated boxwoods were quite formal and tulips planted en masse...Aahh!
There were lots of cool vertical plantings.  Are you a fan?
These framed designs were my fave.  Looks easy, yes?
I love orchids...just didn't love them in blue!
Ok, how about some 'real' flowers to end this post...
Thanks for visiting, friends!  Hope your week is in full bloom!