Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Special Visit...

An extra early flight out of Trenton started my journey to Orlando last Sunday.
A much anticipated trip to visit my eldest, Amanda, who'd been away since August.
We celebrated her (belated) Birthday and possibly new job with Disney!
But a barely visible take-off (and landing!) had me kinda nervous!
Frontier's slogan is "A whole different animal"
so on a wing...and a prayer!...was this adorable polar
  A quick curb-side pick up and off we went!
 Always such a thrill to pass under this banner...despite the raindrops.
After day or two of work (moving her out of the dorms), we were free!
So....we played 'peek-a-poo' at the zoo
 with a giraffe,
 flirted with the crocs (he did wink at me!),
and I swear this guy was hammin' it up for the camera,
ate like a...oink, oink
and even kissed a snake...
through glass!
We spent many hours window shopping,
admiring Disney's floral displays.
Wish I could grow poinsettias outdoors in NJ!
 Mandy even scored a very special Disney souvenir...YAY!
Of course, the nightlife is never dull in Orlando
 where every night is a reason to celebrate...with fireworks!
 The week flew by before we knew it!
I will so miss this awesome view from the hotel balcony.
Sadly, we must say...
 and an internship well done!
'til next time, Orlando!  Hope I'll be visiting often!