Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's blooming around the pond...

...haha! Gotcha! For those that know I live in New Jersey, were you scratching your head?! Life around the pond is non existent...at least above the surface. The only flowers I'm growing now are the indoor variety. Paperwhites, amaryllis and poinsettias. They keep us gardeners from going stir crazy, right?

A cozy picture of Lacey, looking out at the pond. See that bear in the distance?

Here he is close up. Our pond protector! A carving we won from a raffle at the New Hampshire Craftsman's Fair back in August.

Pond? What pond? Our 11x16 pond is completely ice and snow covered. Well, except for the bubbler creating oxygen for the kois. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the family of 8 are all accounted for come April. And notice the little footprints leading to the water? They're not mine!

These dried ornamental grasses are pretty waving in the wind...

A sunflower...

...that's winter hardy!

A splash of red and pink glass...

Chasing a sunset a few days ago, I had to hit the brakes hard as 3 deer darted right in my path and as I looked up the hill, I saw a fourth. She was probably saying "hurry up, the view up here is amazing!". A heart racing moment, but, knowing me, I just went for the camera.

We all know how time crawls when we're staring at the clock, but, I can't help it...I'm starting my countdown for Spring! Just don't hit the snooze button!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Dawn...

...to a New Year! Happy 2011, ALL!

On days when my little one (who happens to be a head taller than me!) needs that extra 15 minutes on the snooze button, I willingly agree (most of the time!) to drive her into school. Especially on clear mornings when I know the sunrise will be worth capturing on film.

A detour through this reservoir is my reward on the way home. If I'm not too lazy, I'm dressed properly for a little hike along the shore. But, more often than not, I'm in my winter boots and robe. After all, who's nutty enough to be out and trekking about at 7am?! Well, other than yours truly!

But for the last sunrise of 2010, I ventured out for that purpose alone. Memories of warm breezes and tropical palms are fading fast but I'm not complaining. Sunscapes framed by white pines are just as intense and heartwarming. Beauty from a different kind of shoreline.

And just when I was thinking...what a shame, no one else is witnessing this amazing view...I spy a lone fisherman. He rowed out and with a turn of the oars, put himself smack center of my lens...haha! I wanted to wave and shout "Hi! Isn't the sky gorgeous?!"...forgetting about my wardrobe for a second, but he was quite a distance away...thank goodness!

As I sat there daydreaming and snapping away, my ever dependable camera allowed this one last shot before the battery gave out! How's that for good timing?

Wishing you all a beautiful start to a year filled with peace, blessings and love!