Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Favorite~Orchids!

I could probably do 10 posts from the hundreds of photos I took just on orchids alone! The variety and abundance of blooms took my breath away! The lighting, however, made it tricky to capture them in full glory, not to mention waiting for the crowds to thin out as I snapped each view and angle. Thank goodness patience is in my nature...most of the time!

Quite terrestrial looking this one...

Really cool were the bromeliads and other tropical plants.

It's no wonder this bloom-laddened specimen won 1st Price

Dendrobium 'Spectabile'~described as grotesquely twisted, I found it quite unique and beautiful. A collector's plant costing upwards of $100!

This was much more impressive in person...a deep, deep purple, almost a blue tone to it.

Not true to nature, but this 'orchid tree' was quite impressive!

A big 'thank you' to all the friends who've popped in to say hello. I always enjoy your visits and comments!
Our best weekend yet to do some yard recon and really get excited about what's blooming...just around the corner!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's Continue Our Tour...

...of the Philadelphia Flower Show. My limited visiting hours this year kept me from the individual displays of arrangements and the judging tables, so photos are mostly of the large scale gardens.

The Dutch gardens were especially beautiful and creative this year. Instead of tip-toeing through the tulips, how about a trek on your ten-speed...

The bold-colored azaleas were amazing but this pale pink 'tree' really caught my eye.

And more tulips...

Next up will be orchids...
Cheers to the rest of your week! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Passport To The World....

..was the theme for this year's Philadelphia Flower Show! And what a spectacular job they did transporting us through the different countries.

It's always the boost I need when I'm desperately (and impatiently!) waiting for spring to arrive! Once I step into the grand entrance, my breath quickly draws in and my mouth stays in "OOOH" mode for the duration of the tour! Hey, I can't be the only one making that silly face!

And an added bonus this year was getting to meet a very special blog friend from upstate NY, Ginny! "Hi Doll!" I know Wendy and Patsi have posted pictures also...give them a visit, will ya.

So in no particular order, rhyme or reason, these views caught my eye...enjoy!

You just know I took waaay too many photos of the show so there definitely will be more to come! :)

Although wet and windy this weekend~think of the watering our gardens will be getting and you won't mind the forecast so much.