Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is in the Air....

Finally, it's here folks! Can you smell it in the air? Feel it on your face? The brightest and warmest spring day of 2010! Actually, I was shocked to see the temp gauge reach 60 degrees in our area! So hope you all enjoyed part of the day playing outdoors!

I've been very neglectful with my blog visits and postings...not enough time in the day lately with my crazy schedule! However, I was very lucky to have attended the Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend and the inspiration from that alone will kick me into high gear, and I'll be blogging away with a vengeance soon...I hope!'s a little tease for what will be blooming soon in our gardens! And if I didn't say it's so nice to be with you...guys again! :)

And, hopefully, in a few days, photos of the Philly show...


  1. 13 days, girl...and I can't hardly wait for that riot of color
    looking forward to the pics

    Peace ~ Rene

  2. Oh! I'm glad to hear from you!
    Can't wait to see those pictures!
    I need to see flowers and life blooming!

  3. Beautiful collage, Lynn! Happy International Women's Day to you (it's 8th of March, in case if you don't know, as most Americans...). Will wait for the show pictures.

  4. Hello Lynn! I am happy to hear that spring is back for you. I can't wait to see your garden blooming again :-D Flex your green thumb!

  5. WOOT!! I can sooo handle the 12-day countdown, Rene! Thanks :)

    Bounjour, France! Thinking of you...hope you are doing wonderful!

    Yes, I was not aware, Tatyana! HIWD to you, too :)

    Stephanie..thought of you when I toured the orchid display! Very itchy to flex my green thumb(s) and! Thanks for stopping in! :)

  6. Warm weather...imagine that !
    Brings a smile to my face.

  7. Hi Lynn, I've missed your posts although what can I say I've not been around much lately either. I just can't seem to do it all! ;-) I left a link to your place when I mentioned my little 'Bad Hair Day' tree (Japanese Willow) remembering what you told me about not letting the green take over the cream leaves.
    Great collage and I can hardly wait to see pics of the flower show!

  8. It has been just gorgeous the last couple of days. That old dirty snow is melting. Yeah! Cannot wait to see your Garden show pictures.Ours was really smaller this year. Wonder if yours will be too?

  9. Lynn, thanks for this teaser. I can't wait to see your pictures (though the ones you've posted here are, as always, beautiful). It's not as close to spring here (weather-wise) as other places, but the light is at the end of the tunnel, for sure. We've actually had sunshine! I love your choice of song. Although probably not intended for two women, "it's so nice to be with you" is SO true! A friend from work gave me two tickets to a local garden show (this weekend). I know it won't compare to Philly's, but you've truly got me in the mood! Hugs to you!

  10. Hi Lynn, sometimes it's too hard to be able to visit other blogs. I'm thinking that once Spring arrives, I will have to avoid the computer for awhile! (But not the use of the camera!) ;-)

  11. yes, the snow has all but melted (except for the gigantic mounds of gray snow still in some back parking lots!). Lots poking through. I can barely wait - I always think nothing will come back. :)


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