Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

How fortunate was I to spot this beautiful symbol of LOVE just in time for a Valentine's Day post!! So vivid and bright he was against the snowy backdrop of the garden.

Perusing the archives for other inspirations of LOVE, I came across these oldies but goodies. An extra flutter of the heart is always a good thing...enjoy! And speaking of oldies but goodies..this song makes me cry, cry, cry...with tears of joy!

Roses in bloom...

A bouquet of this for each of you...

Not a bloom but how can you resist this face?! Fluffball Bandit last spring..playing in the pink snow of the Kwanzan Cherry.

Though still burried under a foot a snow...these Bleeding Hearts will come back bigger and stronger in three months' time...imagine that!

The best Valentine gift...EVER!!!...goes to our sweet friend, Linda, for her new bundle of a baby grandaughter. Congrats again, Linda!!
Everyone...have a wonderful V-Day!


  1. Lynn that picture of Bandit in the petals is just the best.

    Happy Valentines.

  2. The Cardinal is so pretty! And Bandit in the cherry petals is about as cute as they get :)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Happy Valentines Day
    just a little over 30 days til Spring!!!

    and I can't wait..I can't wait

    Peace ~ Rene

  4. Happy Valentines Day, Lynn.
    Beautiful photos and music, as always.

    Enjoying the spring countdown with you and Rene!

    Hearts and flowers to you!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Lynn! What beautiful photos. :-) Love the pup.

  6. Love bandit in the petals! You have such a knack for choosing the most fitting songs. The rose garden is beautiful! Isn't it hard to believe those bleeding hearts are under there somewhere, just fine and sleeping away? Happy V-day to you too!

  7. Lona and Catherine~thanks so much guys!!

    Rene..the countdown from 30 ALWAYS go sooo much faster! Thanks for the reminder :)'s Monday!! ZUMBA time, hon! :)

  8. The bleeding heart blooms are so cute and awesome.

  9. Your post has brought LOVE to me today, Lynn...thanks for sharing! Your photos are so lovely, especially little bandit playing in the pink 'snow'! It's hard to imagine that under our snow lay those lovely blooms-in-waiting, but I have faith that they do! Happy valentines day, and bloom day;-) Jan

  10. thank you, Shady! :)

    Hey Wendy! Check your email re: flower show!

    Muhammad, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :) hard to believe you guys got at least a foot more snow in VA! Yes, FAITH is alive and strong for that first spring bloom!!

  11. Hi Lynn,
    Never been to Edison. Please,please take lots of pictures !
    I'll make sure I look for them next week.
    Will be working so won't be able to make it.
    Thanks for asking.

  12. Aww, you're right, that is a darling face sitting there in the pink snow! My garden is buried too, hope it's safe under all that snow!

  13. Your cardinal capture is perfect.

  14. Agian beautiful pictures and thaks for the reminder that those bleeding hearts are under the snow along with the rest of the garden.

  15. Hi, Lynn. I hope you had a great V Day. Just to let you know, my post today on daylily is linked to you. You have told me in a comment reply to notify you if I find a daylily in Malaysia. Yes I have! Do have a good time with whatever you are doing now and I look forward to your return to blog world. I miss you!

  16. Hello Lynn,
    How are you doing? Ok I hope,
    Thinking of you !!!


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