Tuesday, November 1, 2016

THANK YOU, Garden Visitors

Happy November 1st! 
Now that the landscape season is behind me, I'll (hopefully) be able to devote
a little more time to the blog.  Long overdue is this post to thank all the lovely friends
who made time to visit my open garden this summer.
We were certainly blessed with 4 days of perfect sunny weather.
A lot of sweat and happy tears went into getting the garden show-ready
for her first official AHS Display tour.
It's a good thing I work well under pressure!
Friends from all points of NJ/PA made the trek to 'speak plants'...
my favorite language!
Most were seasoned gardeners but some were completely new to daylilies.
Though a week or two shy of peak daylily blooms,
there were still tons of companion plants to enjoy.
Armed with cameras, some friends stayed for hours
while others even made return visits...yay!
 Can you believe that the furthest traveler came all the way from California?! 
Good thing Kari fit in a visit with her mom and grandma, too....haha!
There's something very sexy about a man who enjoys gardening...don't you think?
How adorable are these sisters?  When I asked what their favorite flower was,
both chimed "snapdragons!".  Future gardeners for sure!
 And how great was it to hear that my garden inspired this
father/son team to rush home and create new garden beds.
I LOVE that!
All in all a very successful first tour....cheers!
I can't wait to do it again next year.