Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quiet Splendor

Once in a rare while, I find myself with a free afternoon. A break from the everyday duties that fill my calendar. What should I do?! For garden nuts like us, it's a no-brainer! A garden tour, of course!

Forty minutes later, I'm here! A beautiful woodland garden created by Leonard J. Buck and Zenon Schreiber. A 30-yr. collaboration that began in 1940's, encompassing 29 acres with a 2.5 mile walking trail. They designed the garden by feel and eye, with no plans on kind of gardening!

Just a $3 donation gains you entrance into paradise...can't beat that! Let's go, shall we?

Already a split in the trail...let's go this way! With the huge canopy of trees and the sun hitting just so, it was the perfect day!

Aptly named Primrose Path...

A lovely place of eternal rest

MUST add this 'Hartlage Wine' Calycanthus to my garden...anyone grow this?

Amazing that I had the park all to myself! So, naturally, I had to wander off-path to capture some hidden views..Shhh!

Even the huge outcroppings of boulders had gardens tucked in them. quite the muddy feet for this closeup

Let's rest a bit...

A fews hours of much needed soul re-charging, it's time to head back.
Don't worry, we're not lost, just follow the trail of snow...

Japanese Snowbell, that is.

So when you need the world to fade to quiet, pencil in a few hours of peace in your calendar. And don't forget to invite me!