Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Where Did It Go?

I blinked and the summer is gone!  How did that happen? And it seems the older I get, the sand passes that much faster, through the hourglass.
Daylily below: 'Tar and Feather'
Preparing for that first 'AHS Display Garden' tour was so exciting and,
so overwhelming!
'Primal Scream'
What was I thinking...offering three weekends of tours?!
'Shake the Mountains'
It's a condition known as "when desire surpasses your ability"
...a bad habit of mine!
 'Meerkat Manor'
But the hard work paid off and garden never looked better,
so it was a great success! 
 'Purple Umbrella'
  What a pleasure it was to share my love of gardening and
visitors were amazed by the many forms and colors found in daylilies.
'Carmen Renee'
'El Desperado'
'Unchain My Heart'
'Night Embers'
With the season winding down and some free time to reflect,
I'm already planning changes for next year's tour.
'Ferengi Gold'

Because my best garden will always be next year's garden. 
It's a never-ending cycle...huh?
'Creature of the Night'
Thanks for stopping by, friends. 
Hope you enjoyed this quick walk through the daylilies. 
Next time, I'll share the lovely faces of garden visitors.