Saturday, December 3, 2016

Special Moment of Gratitude...

Thanksgiving has always been a special celebration.
 (Garden tour of Woodcrest Daylilies, PA)
But this year, my blessings runneth over.
As a gardener, I am forever grateful for the nourishing sunshine,
precious rain,

bright stars,
 and even that magical Super Moon,
 all somehow working together to create that perfect bloom...on any given day.
 It does not matter that I'm out there from sun-up to sun-down
or how back-breaking the work is at times,
gardening just speaks to me, my soul,
and I find the whole process completely fulfilling.
it just makes perfect sense that I take my love of growing flowers to the next level.
Creating beautiful, one-of-kind bouquets with my heart and hands...for you!
Here's to a new and exciting flower journey. 
I am ready!