Friday, January 18, 2013

Hawaiian Tropics...

When you think tropical flora, what comes to mind? Ok, besides frangipani and hibiscus? Orchids, of course! Next to daylilies, orchids are my favorite flowers! That's why I HAD to attend last year's Philadelphia Flower Show! Remember the theme? HAWAII!
A 30-foot-high waterfall created a stunning entrance!
The surrounding pool featured Pele's Garden, complete with grass-roofed huts.
Everywhere you looked...
and more orchids
In all shapes
and sizes...
Talk about a tropical paradise!
The lit up pool and surrounding gardens took your breath away!
I won't post the hundreds of photos I captured, but, will share just this last beauty. After all, it's my favorite color!
Really itching now to visit the Flower Show this March! Anyone else planning the trip?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 'Art' of gardening

So...friends, what's your garden style?
Do you plant haphazardly, with no plans of color-coordination or theme in mind? If so, we attended the same school of design!

But, when it comes to garden art, you do have to think it through...a bit. I've visited very formal gardens and have always loved big and bold statues!
But, c'mon, really, how're ya gonna fit THIS into an average backyard garden?! (Do my local NJ friends recognize this famous display?)
The most common garden art we all share is probably a water fountain of some sort. Tip: float some colorful blooms for company!
Another form of garden art I like to incorporate are statuettes. And placement is key. How about somewhere unexpected, like around a bend...
...Surprise! Love these kissin' cherubs
Of course, there are art that's whimsical or just plain silly! (Though a fun way to recycle grandma's clothes)
This here is my favorite addition to the garden. It's pleasing to the eye, inviting, AND user-friendly! A hammock...built for two! How can you go wrong?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To a New Year...

and a new beginning!

I am not one to make resolutions, at least, not in writing, but I'm sure we all make lists within, to be....well, just better, in the coming year.
Be it better in work production, community service, spiritual enlightenment, physical activities (try Zumba!), or the all-too-common goal: healthier eating habits; we all strive for these improvements, right?  I know I do.

Today, I'm adding two more to my unwritten list.'s garden related!
I resolve to pencil in time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.
As passionate gardeners, we spend endless hours in planting and maintaining our gardens, yet don't take the time to really enjoy the beauty created.  I know I don't.

Also, I will try my darndest to do a weekly post on this here neglected blog.  Even if only to share a photo or two from my infinite supply!  Sounds easy, right?!

I know some of you are thinking the same thing.  So, let's just do it!
(Uh-oh...feeling the pressure already! LOL)

As I look out at my winter landscape, I smile, knowing what will be revealed come Spring!  And I can hardly wait to enjoy the heck out of it!  
Now that's an easy resolution to keep!

Happy New Year, Friends!
May 2013 be your best year yet...
in the garden!