Friday, January 18, 2013

Hawaiian Tropics...

When you think tropical flora, what comes to mind? Ok, besides frangipani and hibiscus? Orchids, of course! Next to daylilies, orchids are my favorite flowers! That's why I HAD to attend last year's Philadelphia Flower Show! Remember the theme? HAWAII!
A 30-foot-high waterfall created a stunning entrance!
The surrounding pool featured Pele's Garden, complete with grass-roofed huts.
Everywhere you looked...
and more orchids
In all shapes
and sizes...
Talk about a tropical paradise!
The lit up pool and surrounding gardens took your breath away!
I won't post the hundreds of photos I captured, but, will share just this last beauty. After all, it's my favorite color!
Really itching now to visit the Flower Show this March! Anyone else planning the trip?


  1. Gorgeous! You've reminded me that it's time to go see the Orchid show at the local conservatory!


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