Sunday, March 8, 2015

Did You SPRING forward...?

It seemed unlikely that we would ever get here but, YEAH, the day has finally arrived!
I'm talking about daylight saving time....WOO-HOO!!
I've been spending most  my free time (as have you, I'm sure)
going through seed and garden catalogs, marking which new plants
to try as well as remembering to re-order those tried-and-true favorites.
The time has also arrived for indoor garden tours!  My annual trek to
the Philadelphia Flower Show did not disappoint.  
Disney and Pixar films inspired this year's show theme:
"Celebrate the Movies"
I will share some of those themed displays in another post.
      This entry will highlight the colorful and drop-dead gorgeous bulbs display.
I could not tear myself away from the tulip you will see!
My way of planting alliums in groups of  5, 7 or 9 is good
but a stand of 20 is even better!  
The pink tulips in the foreground were my favorite among the dozens of varieties.
Label marked "Just Kissed"...I'm already searching catalogs to order next fall.
A different angle but the same grouping of Just Kissed...
This is why I love it so!
Just look at the stunning pattern...each flower, each petal...unique!
The en-masse planting effect was mesmerizing!
And the display just went on and on....
A fun candid shot of an adorable visitor going in for a sniff-sniff...
These mini daffodils, were overpowering in their fragrance.
Such a sweet combination they make with the dainty coral bells (heucheras).
This dark purple (almost black) grouping was stunning!
I think I like the single-petaled variety more than the double.
 My garden, at the moment, is still buried under 2ft drifts,
so enjoying a flower show certainly helps feed my soul a bit
and tie me over for a few more weeks.
Maybe it'll rejuvenate and motivate the gardener in you, too!
I hope you enjoyed the tour!