Monday, July 8, 2013

The Hoseless Summer

Mother Nature has been watering my garden every other day it seems.  I have NOT had to drag the hose from one end of the yard to the other....a chore that can take two hours.
So that's great news, right?!  Except all this excess rain has kept me from weeding the beds regularly, which is not so great.  It's a jungle out there!
And, bugs abound!  Beetles, flies, gnats, and the oh-so-dreaded mosquitoes!  Even the overflowing pond has seen a hub-bub of activities with visitors big (stray cat Cookie), 
and small. I counted 6 dragonflies this afternoon!
The unusual weather has even confused my favorite perennial.  Early varieties like Eenie Meenie are just now blooming and later ones such as Autumn Minaret are already setting scapes!
Though it's been nice capturing raindrops on velvety this Dominic, 
I"m ready for a stretch of dry days, when I can really enjoy these beauties that lasts but a day.  So pretty but a bit faded is Always Afternoon.
A tall clump with petite blooms is Miss Amelia. 

Have you noticed many butterflies yet in your garden?  I have only see these skippers. 
Unfortunately, I will be away this coming week so will miss the grand show on this amazing Dallas Star clump.
Next post will showcase the beautiful daylily gardens I toured last weekend in the Delware area.  I'll leave you with a teaser...enjoy!