Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doctor....I Can't Sleep!

I am wide awake and it's 3am! It's happening more and more...I don't like it! So what to do except this! Gee, if only we could get paid for blogging..we'd do it 24/7 right?

For the last week, after every couple of functions on the keyboard, I get a warning that I'm running low on disk space. Deleting files from the hard drive is kind of confusing since I'm not sure which ones are junk. Weeding through my photo files will save alot of room. Each month's file has about 1,000 pics so I'm deleting a ton of them! Email in-box is also a big culprit. This will take time so, at least for tonight, I have something to do!

Some very random photos before I hit 'Delete'.

We live in one of the highest points in Clinton, and just a few streets over, homes have this view of the reservoir! I was gardening last week when I noticed the pretty pink cast in the sky so in I ran for the car keys and camera and was just in time to capture this sunset. Going... Going... Gone! Too bad they're blurry!This blooming weed is all over my yard. Mr_Subj just did a post identifying it. I pull out tons but leave some to bloom for late interest, and they look great in arrangements. See...very similar to baby's breath. I just threw them together with some sedum, verbena and chinese lantern pods. Don't know why I'm not sleeping well. My schedule has been kind of crazy too so I SHOULD be exhausted. Could it have anything to do with my baby being away at college? You bet! So if I don't mention it, would you notice that her dress is on backwards here?! I miss you, kiddo! My little white fluff ball of a shadow is right here beside me though. Bandit was in snoring mode but as soon as I crept out of bed, he was up! Don't you just love that in a pet? Well, okay....maybe NOT when you really want some privacy...lol!I wouldn't think I'm alone in this wide-eyed dilemma...I bet some of you can totally relate...right?
You just know I'll be a walking zombie come 2pm! Yawning, puffy bags under the eyes, sleeping at my desk...but, let's not go there!I found this praying mantis getting ready to take a chomp on this cicada...WARNING...kinda gross! Ewww...

Driving home a few nights ago, I noticed the cloudscapes were kind of eerie, but also kind of pretty. So I had to pull over and trek through some very prickly brush to find this! I sat a bit admiring the view but it got dark fast and I was creeping myself out! This is exactly what you tell your kids NOT to do...
On the news the other night, I saw a story about a facility in NYC that caters to all-night insomniacs. You check in after dark. Dinner is served at midnight, then activities til sunrise! Sounds like a fun club! Wonder if the doc will write me a Rx.
Hey, thanks for the company guys but now I am just rambling....
Please...tell me your cure for insomnia!
Better get back to my project * Yawn*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Color Red!

I think one of the reasons we all LOVE this time of year so much is that our eyes are drawn to the high visibility of the color RED! It's such an emotionally intense color that can't help but promote Energy! Heat! Passion! Is this why we feel so rejuvenated and alive during these crisp, sunny, autumn days.....I'd like to think so!

You could easily mistaken these for cherries, couldn't you? They are actually the berries of a dwarf crabapple. I'll envy the birds who'll be in heaven, feasting on these luscious fruits!

Red foliage and even brighter red berries are puttin' on a show on one of the Dogwoods. Another treat for our feathered friends.Of course, there are other associations connected to this hue. How about Danger! Stop! And does it promote appetite?...think of restaurant decor. How about embarrassment...many times I've been red in the face! And, no, we won't want to hear that our financials are in the red...lol!

How lovely the sunset filters through the wings (seeds) of this Japanese Maple. Chili peppers are the only veg. left to harvest from my garden :( Apple tree in friend, Val's, orchard. Too much rain this summer resulted in not pleasing aesthetics but sure made up for in quantity. These branches are so loaded they're sweeping the ground! I won't even need to reach up!Beautiful bloom of a flowering maple, Abutilon. Early morning dew...cool looking on the new growth of a Knock Out Rose. The foliage is as red and almost as pretty as.... ....the bloom So friends, take a look around, and notice the passion that surrounds you! I hope your day is filled with Love...the ultimate definition of Red...and Sunshine! Hey, I'll even don a red sweater and a smear of red lipstick before heading out the door ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gardener Down!

Ever have one of those days when you find the energy to just go non-stop? Yesterday was that day for me! Out the door even before my first cup of coffee, ready to tackle the garden. Breezy and overcast so it was perfect weather to get down and dirty.

Of course, I always find it hard to decide which area to tackle first but since the deer did so much damage last week, the veg garden was a good choice. Everything came out except basil and hot peppers. The veg garden now will be used to hold over daylilies that need dividing.
By late morning the sun was beating down pretty good. And, surprisingly, the gnats were out in full force! So on came my perfume of choice...DEET! Think me crazy but I actually like the smell! The trick is to spray above your head/hat so they stay out of your face. Nothing worse than gnats in the eyes, nose and mouth! AAccckkppptttchooo....
Starving for lunch but too impatient to stop, I grabbed a nutritious-packed Snickers bar! And it was sooo good I couldn't stop at one! For dessert...a Reese Peanut Butter Cup! You just know I'll feel guilty about that later! Well, that did the trick...instant sugar boost and I lasted another 4 hours!
St. John's Wort...I'm thrilled it's still blooming so well this late in the season! A few re-blooming delphiniums...
Ok, no peeking...what is this strange looking thing? Yep, seed pods of butterfly weed (Asclepias)By the time I took a series from this angle, all the fuzzies had disbursed. This is probably how the 'Blackberry Lily' came by it's name. Zephirine Drouhin...odd blooms here and thereBy dusk, these achy bones were feeling it! Em actually saw me from the house and snapped this...little stinker. Go ahead, have a good laugh...I don't mind! Actually, my down time lasted a good 15 minutes! Still limping (ankle injury last week), exhausted, light-headed from lack of food, or maybe my ponytail was too tight!....I was ready to call it quits. So today, I am taking it easy...I have no choice! Some days, you just feel your age...ya know!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's In The Air...

Can you feel it? A crispness that wasn't there last week. No more complaints of heat and humidity...just perfectly cool days (and nights!) with the anticipation that Full Blown Fall...is just around the corner.

It's been a long week w/o internet access. A huge area was affected as equipment and phone lines were being updated. I had to moonlight a few times at the local library but hope to catch up with you all this weekend.

I'm ready to plant mums but these geraniums are still blooming their hearts out. I've not had luck over-wintering them in past years but, of course, I'll try again...
For late season interest, try Black Snakeroot (Cimicifuga racemosa). Though the foliage is somewhat sparse, their sturdy stems don't need support (this clump is 6'). The blooms look like liatris don't they? And, yes, there is a sweet vanilla-like fragrance.
The last few blooms of Gillardia I'm noticing alot of blues in the garden...
Let's add kitty Lacey in the mix. She's strictly an indoor cat but I let her out for a few minutes. She was fascinated by all the bees buzzing about the caryopteris. Overall, my pots are not looking too great but plants here and there still have some color and interest. These spiky seed pods were once beautiful white datura blooms.
Keep an eye out next year for this cute sunflower-like annual, with it's trailing habit. The blooms are no bigger than a nickle and have literally lasted 4 months!

From reading posts, I know many of you are feeling somewhat down by summer's end. I, however, am starting to embrace the cool weather. Early mornings on the patio, wrapped in a fleece throw with cup in hand, and not knowing if the steam I see is coming from my breath or hot cup of coffee, it's a great feeling :)
Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Stroll Through Town...

With the season winding down and my impending 9-5 schedule looming, I'm fitting in as much fun as I can with friends. A rendezvous in Clinton is always a perfect choice. Tree-lined streets, quaint shops, restaurants, art museum, sidewalk bands...what could be better.

You'll see this Red Mill often on my blog...it's one of NJ's most photographic subjects. Soon to be the Haunted Mill....an annual fundraiser that helps with the upkeep and operation..going on it's 200th year! Wildflower fields around town...

It saddens me to see this 'Closed' sign up for the duration.
Wouldn't you want to come home to these pretty front porches...
One of the many churches in town. Interesting movie trivia...this was the cemetery used in the ending scene of 'One True Thing'...remember with William Hurt, Meryl Streep...a tear-jerker!
We spent all afternoon laughing and giggling like teenage girls! And a long stroll through town was just what we needed after indulging in a delicious lunch...with desserts! Diet, what diet?? Girlfriends are the best!!
I would've taken more photos but my camera conked out. Next time....