Friday, September 18, 2009

It's In The Air...

Can you feel it? A crispness that wasn't there last week. No more complaints of heat and humidity...just perfectly cool days (and nights!) with the anticipation that Full Blown just around the corner.

It's been a long week w/o internet access. A huge area was affected as equipment and phone lines were being updated. I had to moonlight a few times at the local library but hope to catch up with you all this weekend.

I'm ready to plant mums but these geraniums are still blooming their hearts out. I've not had luck over-wintering them in past years but, of course, I'll try again...
For late season interest, try Black Snakeroot (Cimicifuga racemosa). Though the foliage is somewhat sparse, their sturdy stems don't need support (this clump is 6'). The blooms look like liatris don't they? And, yes, there is a sweet vanilla-like fragrance.
The last few blooms of Gillardia I'm noticing alot of blues in the garden...
Let's add kitty Lacey in the mix. She's strictly an indoor cat but I let her out for a few minutes. She was fascinated by all the bees buzzing about the caryopteris. Overall, my pots are not looking too great but plants here and there still have some color and interest. These spiky seed pods were once beautiful white datura blooms.
Keep an eye out next year for this cute sunflower-like annual, with it's trailing habit. The blooms are no bigger than a nickle and have literally lasted 4 months!

From reading posts, I know many of you are feeling somewhat down by summer's end. I, however, am starting to embrace the cool weather. Early mornings on the patio, wrapped in a fleece throw with cup in hand, and not knowing if the steam I see is coming from my breath or hot cup of coffee, it's a great feeling :)
Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


  1. I love autumn, it's my favorite time of the year. I just don't think I'm quite ready for it, yet. Your kitty is sweet, the picture you took is definitely framable.

  2. Super nice shots! Love the kitty. Tatyana successfully wintered over here geraniums by pulling them and hanging them I think it was. I do cuttings inside of my house. I would up with like 40 red geraniums from cuttings. They don't take much room and even bloom inside-under grow lights. Maybe try one of these two methods. Linda (MT) takes here whole pots in and that is a nice way because her geraniums are huge.

  3. You have some beautiful gardens. Love your kitty looking up at the bees. I am so ready for fall. We are having lots of rain lately and warm days. The air here is heavy with humidity. Hop on over and check out my odd blooming azalea.

  4. I'm a love spring person but have to admit that by the end of the hot weather I am ready for fall. We've had crisp morning for some time now but recently it seems to be 94 during the day and 49 at night. Whew my sinuses are going nuts!!!
    Love the kitty picture. Oh and Lynn I had heard we had a Daylily farm here but I didn't know where it was until we are having to take a detour (12 miles out of our way sometimes) because they are fixing the washout below and I have to go past the Daylily farm so now I know where it is and I can hit it come spring and nice weather. ;-)

  5. Lynn, fall is when I feel most alive! I just love the cooler temps and the riot of color...and you live in a beautiful area for foliage..Take some pics I'm homesick!
    Peace - Rene

  6. Definitely feeling the beginnings of fall here, lots of dew on the grass, but it's been getting pretty warm again in the afternoon. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
    I love Cimicifuga too. This year is the best mine's been, I guess it takes a while for them to get established. I've started dumping my containers, but refilling them with some fall flowers. Your pictures are all so pretty, but I really love the one just below the Gaillardia.

  7. your photographs, Lynn
    make me feel like
    such an amateur!

    but how come i can't help but smile!

    these are just incredible!
    you see the most delicious angles!
    beautiful work!


  8. No, I don't feel it in the air yet. Still very summery here.

    You've outdone yourself with these photos though! They're so beautiful - photo-wise and flower-wise. The pic of the kitty is so funny - she looks like she's trying to be so innocent.

  9. Lovin' the blue flowers and yellow coreopsis picture. I like the blooms on the snake root. Sooo many flowers. Looks like kitty is quite comfortable in the patch. Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. Hi Jill, thanks for visiting. Autumn is my 2nd fav season with Spring in the lead. Get ready though, it's coming ;)

    Tina, I appreciate the suggestions on the geraniums. I've saved pots in the past so will try the hanging method..thanks!

    Linda, me too with Spring being my favorite! LOL..on how you found the daylily nursery! Yes, wait til next year and buy only when in bloom so you know exactly what you are getting...learn from my mistakes ;)

  11. Hi Becca, hang in there, I'm sure the weather will get bettter soon for you in Alabama!

    Hi Rene~NJ is beautiful but I would drive to NH in a heartbeat to see the beautiful foliage. Actually, a possible trip to Booth Harbor, Maine soon..which would be heaven! Btw, really enjoyed your last post ;)

    Catherine, cimicifugas are great no? The blue flowers are ageratums...past their prime so replacing then soon with pansies or mums...what are you putting in your fall pots?

  12. Nuh-uh Chuck, your images are just as beautiful in my eyes but, thank you, for the wonderful compliment ;)

    Hey Wendy! Thought of you when I came across purple asparagus today!

    Thanks, Lona! You too!

  13. Lynn, I just love looking at your stunning photos. Your gardens are such an inspiration. (I'm more of a wannabe gardener.)

    It's definitely gotten cooler here in western NY, but we really didn't have a hot summer. Fall is beautiful, though - another time of new beginnings.

    I'm glad you got your Internet back.

    (btw, I used to watch Welcome Back, Kotter, and still find myself singing the song.)

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Hi Ginny! Well a wannabe gardener is the first baby step...but what can I do to really reel you in? Fall is the perfect time to start ;) If you have deer problems, plant daffodils...tons and tons of daffodils! If no deer problems, plant daffodils AND tulips..Come SPRING, you'll be heavenly glad ;) But please(!) don't plant one bulb here and there or in a row. Dig one whole big enough for 5, 7 or 9 bulbs together (that's the secret!) A bag of 100 from Home Depot/Costco won't cost too much so get! Hey, I just ordered 600..yep! Thanks for your nice comments and hope you enjoy your beautiful NY weather too!

  15. Hi Lynn,
    Yes, definitely feeling the crispness in the air! Got down to 37 at our place. BRRR!
    You still have to much blooming in your garden and the kitty Lacy looks too innocent. I really enjoyed those Datura seed pods, remind me of Dr seuss story or something. Glad you are back up and running with internet. I would have severe withdrawal symptoms.

  16. Lynn, tq for those wonderful comments you have put in my blog earlier! With a cup of coffee at your hand and fleece throw is really a good way to enjoy the outdoor in the cold hah? I would try that when I am at cold place next time. I love those wonderful Geraniums. Other plants, I must say that they are all kind of new to me but I like them all too. Such a nice garden you have created! Enjoy your weekend and your garden to the fullest yeah ;-)

  17. Lynn, could that little sunflower-like flower be a type of zinnia? You have such an interesting collection of plants. I agree with the others, your photos are outstanding! Love them, especially the kitty :)

  18. I was just reading about black snakeroot. Is yours in full sun? I love the blooms! I want to try to grow some. Your other blooms are looking great, too. You should have lots of moonflowers next year! I enjoyed the walk through your town, too, especially the front porches.

  19. You are wise to embrace the arrival of cooler weather Lynn, but I'm still fighting it! Seriously, I do love September, with each day more perfect than the one before. Your fall flowers are still lovely indeed. What fun are those seed pods from datura! I've never grown them before.

  20. Hi Lynn! I have the same dilemma with my geraniums. They still bloom lovely. I'll try to bring at least several of them in pots in the garage, and I plan to dry the rest of them, as I did before. Snakeroot is my style plant, but I don't have it in my garden. Why? I want it now badly.They look fantastic in your place. Also, the picture #6 is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful garden!

  21. Rosey, Ouch! last night we actually got down to 39..maybe I'm NOT!

    TQ, Stephanie ;)

    Barbie, I'm not sure as I lost the tag!

    Hi Sue, the snakeroot is north facing so morning sun only. They can grow up to 10' in full sun! Thanks for visiting ;)

  22. Thank you, Robin. The datura pods, for some reason, attract stink bugs. I see them all over the pods! That was my choice for the 'thriller' plant in the pot but it got WAY too large and dwarfed everything else...

    Hi Tatyana, yes Tina mentioned you have sucess with your geraniums. I usually just dig them out, shake off the soil and store them bare root but they always end up looking completely dead. Try the snakeroot, I'm sure you'll love them!

  23. Hi Lynn, the fall is here so we might as well embrace it, especially when it looks like your beautiful garden in all its glory. The bugbane is so archingly lovely as is the sweet kitty. :-)

  24. Hi Lynn, I love the black snakeroot/bugbane too - tried one the first year I gardened here but unfortunately it croaked. I have another one that's done well with green foliage. It blooms so late that some years the frost gets it first.

    Those blue blooms are gorgeous. It's hard to pick a favorite, but blue is usually my favorite bloom color. I aim for as many blue-flowering plants as I can find for shade!

    I'm not sure I could pick a favorite season. I'm not wild about winter. Spring and fall are tied for my favorites. This summer was awesome in the Chicago area though - felt like spring or fall most of the time. We had mostly temps in the 70's all summer, with only a couple of 90's and a few 80's. I'd love it if every summer was as beautiful, but with more rain than we got this year. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Lynn!

  25. I just love that shot of the baby in the flowers!!! I would be framing that one for sure...what a great memory of such a pretty sweetie!
    your gardens are looking lovely...I am sad about summer's end...we have such long cold winters...but I am glad you are finding pleasure in the cooler temps!

  26. Gorgeous photos as usual, but I think that's what drew me to your garden! Looks like we have a lot of the same plants, too! I do like the crispness in the air, but not as much as you, lol! It means just a couple more calender pages & my garden will be blanketed with snow.

  27. I really enjoy reading stories about the coming of fall up north, as we are here in the deep South expecting another heat wave. Your garden looks wonderful. Great shot of kitty in the garden.


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