Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Meme You Didn't Know....

So my adorable and funny friend, Wendy, who enjoys gardening in her sleep, has tagged moi for a Meme! I'm to share 7 things about myself that you may not already know. I won't go all insightful or deep, instead, aiming for a few chuckles! Here are 7 random tidbits....

1. I'll admit that I'm perhaps a fairly messy person....in that my home is NOT spotless...GASP! I've never caught the Spring Cleaning Bug...ever! And I don't do closet organizers! If you could see my kitchen island this very second..well, actually, you can't. It's a floating island of stuff! Piles of mail to open, bills to pay, magazines to recycle, school forms to fill out, pantry items to put away. Oh, and a pair of sandals, keeping out of Bandit's reach. But, hey, there's order to my chaos so don't touch! And speaking of closets............fugeddaboudit!!
Just kidding! It's not this bad...yet! (Photo courtesy of the Internet)

2. On the other hand, I am religiously neat with my Daylily Journal. Facts recorded include cultivar, parentage, height, bud count, prolifs( if any), date of first/last bloom, number of seeds collected and every other nonsense in between. I'm considering including comparison graphs and charts from year to year...don't laugh, I'm NOT KIDDING!
3. I'm a yarn collector extraordinaire. Bags and bags of beautifully colored skeins at the ready. Different weights and textures~be it wool, worsted, cotton, synthetic...anything goes! I collect them from Michael's, Walmart, high end yarn shops (ka-ching!), garage sales (practically free!)~you name it! The mentality of 'if I don't buy it now, it'll be gone' is what gets me into trouble. What am I making you ask? A blanket big enough to wrap around the whole wide world!Hmmm...maybe I better stock up on a few more...
4. I think in shorthand. Uh...excuse me? Shorthand, you know.... a form of speed writing. Taught to secretarial types waaaay back when! A course in high school and I was hooked. As I sit here typing this, I 'see' each word in shorthand strokes...weird, I know! I'm reminded of sitting in an office on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center taking dictations from my boss and I was actually writing faster than he could talk...lol! And, of course, my diary is in shorthand...oops, secret's out!

5. So that you don't think I'm completely dull...I love to play video games. Particularly Ms Pacman on my...ahem, daughter's...Game Boy. Love it sooo much that my left arm does NOT fully extend! Hours upon hours of locked elbow position will do that! I play it at the theatre (waiting for previews), sitting in traffic, on a plane, in a train, walking the dog, etc...Sick I tell ya! Anyone care to a challenge?!

6. You probably know this one...I love to dance! If I could do it all over again, I would demand dance lessons as a toddler (and I'd rock that tu-tu, too!) Continue my merry way through dance academy and earn lots of moolah dancing my life away! Nowadays, I get by with my ZUMBA classes, night clubbing, and even car dancing! Yep, I'm the tappin' her foot, drummin' the wheel, head-boppin' NUT that you pass on the road. And heck, yeah, you can still shake your bootey sitting down! Okay, admit that you do this too ;)

7. Silly me, but, I don't easily give up my real age! Funny that I passed for 35 a good 5 years before neighbors caught on (right Debbie J.?) Trick answers to the "how old are you?" question includes: "Um...celebrating the 24th anniversary of my 21st Birthday!"~"Just 39 (loudly), plus 6" (softly). When the person you're answering has to do the math, it takes away the shock of the real number...lol! When I start looking like the oldest freaken' 45 yr. old on the planet, it'll be time to come up with another 'trick' answer...tehehe! And how is it that I'm celebrating 23 yrs. of marriage? I was a really young bride...yikes, remember those 80's style pouffy sleeves?! So there you have it~7 tidbits that, hopefully, didn't make you like me any less! But, just in case, I'd better leave you with a pretty garden photo so you'll come back! I'm passing this Meme on to the following bloggers. If you're too busy and don't have the time, or you just don't enjoy being tagged, that's alright, too! But this was fun for me so I'll look forward to your posts.
The guidelines are:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this Meme to you
2. Reveal 7 things about yourself
3. Tag 7 other new bloggers and link to them
4. Let each blogger know they've been chosen by leaving a comment
5. Let the tagger know when your post is up

Have FUN!


  1. Good morning Lynn, I really love reading about the bloggers on these memes. I did this one way way back early last year. Not much so interesting about me really. I am trying to figure out how a picture of my closet got on the Internet! Ha! I think you'll pass for 35 for many many years so keep on! I need to try that trick too. Have a great day! Yarn collector? Hmmmm, looking forward to seeing that yarn. I took shorthand in high school too. I can't remember anything about it except I love you and this in the symbols, though I was quite good. I think it great you still can do it! You must have been really good at it.

  2. LOL, Tina! That's your closet too?! Well, our excuse is we spend too much time in the garden! Yes, shorthand is a lost art, though my kids are asking me to teach them! I'll have to go through your archives and find your Meme...thanks!

  3. Very good, I really enjoyed that! I'll still come back! Heck yes, look at all I just learned from you even though my days of passing for younger are over - I'll try most anything once. I took shorthand too but like Tina don't remember a thing. Thank goodness they had dictaphones when I was working for the guys in Probation and Parole - they told cute jokes in the middle of dictation - can't do that with shorthand everyone will hear!

  4. Oops forgot to tell ya that your wedding picture is beautiful! You were a very pretty bride!!!

  5. Who are you, stranger? I thought I knew you!

  6. Those were great! I admit I'm a car dancer too, my oldest daughter has started telling me to stop when she's in the car :) Learning these things makes me like you more, so of course I'll be back.
    I'll work on coming up with the 7 things, I'm not sure that there are 7 really interesting things though about me so it may take me awhile :)

  7. That was a great post. Good to know you better. Have you been in my closet taking pictures?

    You have an award on my blog.

  8. HI Lynn,
    Thanks for the Meme award, I am very honored.
    I loved reading about you and your obsession with yarn. I am like that with scrapbooking paper and supplies. My mom used to be a fabric collector. You would not believe her stockpile. What a beautiful, blushing bride you were! I married young as well.
    And that closet, I thought it looked pretty normal. :)
    Hope I can come up with 7 things, I accepted a meme a few weeks ago and I feel silly posting more stuff about myself.
    Thanks again, Lynn!

  9. always
    we enter Lynn's world
    with eyes wide open!

    never disappointed!
    any surprise is a good surprise!
    peace & loveliness~ C

  10. Lynn, it was nice getting to know you all over again. You were lovely in your wedding photo. Exactly how I imagined you would be. As gorgeous as the daylilies that you love. And you really really love daylilies, don't you?. Here's wishing you and hubby, "Everlasting love and happiness. May your days ahead be filled with wonderful moments and beautiful memories."

  11. Really enjoyed reading this, Lynn - I'll come back!

    We have wardrobes over here in the UK rather than closets, and I keep all the clothes in there in colour sequences, so they're all easily findable at the last minute - I'm very tidy but often in a rush! So the wardrobe's mega-tidy, and everywhere else is a mess :)

  12. Girl, I will trade you closet reorganization and a spotless crib for mad gardening skillz...

    Holla back at ya girl...

    Peace -rene

  13. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for the tag. If i can think of something interesting about me, I'll do it. I enjoyed yours, you're so funny and you made it interesting!
    Hey, I can beat that closet...easy! lol specially now that our daughter brought home all her stuff from college, we have to walk sideways to go from room to room! ha ha ha ... try to imagine that. lol

  14. Thank you, Linda! It was a fun post to write, glad you enjoyed it ;)

    Haha, Tatyana! I was going to tag you but I remembered your Meme from not too long ago...

    Catherine, you'd be surprised once you start thinking of the 7 items...it was hard to for me decide as there were too many...lol!

    Becca, thank you! I thought those clothes in the closet looked familiar..haha!

  15. Hi Rosey, please don't feel obligated if you recently did a Meme or similiar post. I totally understand! Ah...scrapbooking. A hobby I can totally get hooked on!

    Hey Chuck, I'm not sure if revealing
    myself as a slob and a hoarder would be considered good surprises..lol!

    Autumn Belle, you are genuinely sweet, thank you so much!

  16. Shorthand? wow! you have some useful skill. I remember I learnt that before but I gave up after only one day :-( Way to hard for me to grasp. Your bridal gown is beautiful and you look really awesome! It was a three quarter length gown? Oh, btw, my cupboard is as messy too ha ha... I really enjoy reading this post. I am not sure when I could post mine ????

  17. Hi Phoenix C.! A good friend you are! So your wardrobe is color coordinated?? That goes hand in hand with your being an artist...I think ;)

    Rene! Ooh, 'Holla Back'...a great car dancing beat! Are you kiddin! I would trade skillz in a heartbeat though you would get the short end of the stick ;) Name the date, Babe!!

  18. Nance, I would trade a little mess to having me oldest home this weekend. We dropped her off at college last Saturday and it's been a tough 4 days..how can I survive 100?! BUT your daughter is just home 'visiting' right...lol!

    Hi Steph, thanks! My gown was 3/4 length and it cost me $87 to make!!! I was still sewing on the lace the morning of...talk about a calm bride..haha! Messy cupboard is pretty tame if that's your only bad vice! Have a great day ;)

  19. The mathematics are awfully difficult. I never knew AGE has to be handled by all the probabilities, permutations, trigonometry etc, etc... But the bride in the picture is definitely young and beautiful..... May you stay forever young (Bob Dylan's lyric). ~bangchik

  20. Oh you made this Meme an enjoyable experience Lynn, lol. I took both forms of shorthand myself years ago but have long since forgotten it. Maybe I should of been thinking in it to keep it fresh? ;)

  21. This was a very cute post. And your garden post was beautiful, too. :-)

  22. Hey Bangchik, well maybe only girls think this way..or scarier yet, maybe it's just me! Thanks for the compliment ;)

    Racquel, some people think or dream in a different language if they're bilingual...mine is shorthand and with some vietnamese and french thrown in...yep, I confuse myself..lol.

    Thanks, Shady Gardener, glad you liked the posts ;)

  23. Ha! Someone else who thinks in shorthand! Over the past few years I find myself doing it less, but I still do it. Very fun post Lynn - it's nice to know more about you!

  24. Miss Lynn your blog link is not showing up in the Google followers it shows your picture, profile info and the blogs you follow but not your blog link. I did a post about how to fix it so go check it out so everyone can find your beautiful blog
    hugs, Cherry

  25. That short hand is hilarious!! You can read that?? If someone were to see that writing, see that daylily journal, they'd surely think you were mentally ill! JK. This was so funny. We're still addicted to gameboy. I can probably kick your ass in Dr. Mario. Do you have that? Beautiful wedding photo!!

  26. Lynn, I did write 7 things that I hope will help to know me a little more.
    I like yours.

  27. HI Linda! I like that we have something else besides the love of gardening in common!

    Cherry, thank you, I will attempt to fix this problem.

    Well, Wendy, some people already KNOW I'm nuts! And you would kick my a** in Dr. Mario..lol!

    I enjoyed your post, too, Ha Xuan! Fun learning about you!

  28. Well, Lynn, I have you beat on your closet. I have a whole room upstairs that was supposed to be my "sitting/exercise/making dried flower arrangements" space, but most of the time, one can't even walk into it. Whenever we don't know what to do with something, it ends up there.

    Yes, horizontal surfaces do get filled at our house, too.

    I love your post, and your photos are awesome. You were a beautiful bride!

  29. The picture of your closet is hilarious! Oh my gosh... we could be twins!

    Great post!!!!

  30. Nice blog you have going... I enjoyed reading the posts. Love your pond by Pondbuilders.. Nancy is such a nice person!

    I laughed when I saw your shorthand reference... I used that as well wayyyyy back whennn and like you, I was taking steno faster than my dictator bosses! LOL.. I would look up from my paper and say, "yes, and?" and they would say, "well, I thought you needed time to catch up!" Nope... I'm way ahead of you! lol.... I never use it anymore unfortunately and only remember one character.. the "Should be" why?

    Anyway... if you're ever near Rutgers Nursery in Ringoes, stop in and say hello. I'm Leslie, the Nursery Manager and I also write the Rutgers Reuters.. :)


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