Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I was up before dawn and had been blogging for a few hours when movement in the garden caught my eye. A family of three enjoying the all-you-can-eat buffet. They feasted on green beans, tomatoes, and their favorite, daylilies! A quick snap with the camera before I banged on the glass to get their attention. Yep...they just glanced at me inconveniently and went back to chewing! So out I went to shoo-shoo and they leapt the 6ft. fence effortlessly. I'm sure they'll be back for a midnight snack! Arggghh!
As summer slowly winds down, the growth cycle for some plants are beginning to cease but still provide much interest in the garden. Like this 'Niobe' clematis, with it's cool fuzzy seed heads. Just as pretty as the colorful blooms....I think.

Monarchs are still flitting about. They are the prettiest of butterflies, don't you think? And until I had the macro feature available, I'd never realized their bodies were polka-dotted. Unlike some of the Tiger Swallowtails...whose wings can get tattered...Monarchs always seem so perfect.
The tiny buds/blooms of the Beautyberry bush is not something you would notice easily, but macro-size it, and it's quite pretty.Every branch is loaded with berries, all along it's length. Soon they will turn a brilliant shade of purple. A few hours in now, (and I'm still blogging!) I noticed this guy crawling down the window pane. The numbers on his belly confused me for a second 'til I realized it's from the rim of my!I think grasshoppers are cool but this guy's kinda creepy looking! Maybe because his armor is not the friendly shade of green! I wonder what he's thinking as he's watching me watch him.
Late blooming, 'Fire King' of my new daylilies. I like it alot but he looks very similar to Bright Sunset. Anyone grow Chinese Lanterns? A neat perennial but, be warned, they spread like crazy! Also known as ground cherry (Physalis alkekengi). They are considered poisonous so that may explain why they are not commonly grown. I did pinch back all the leaves on these stems so you can see the pods better. After I took this photo, I pulled out 30 plants to make room for the mums hiding underneath. They'll look great in dried floral arrangements. Cute that bottom pod is heart-shaped ;) I hope you all have fun family plans for this holiday weekend. Be sure to take your much deserved break and enjoy what September has to offer in the garden.


  1. Hi Lynn! Your post has a very, VERY bad beginning and a happy orangy-cheerful end. I bet my blood pressure went up when I saw the first picture. Because of those creatures, my roses and phloxes are covered with nets and look not as good as they could. I should admit that your morning was more interesting than mine - nobody was crawling on my window with the misterious number on its belly. Have a good Labor Day weekend!

  2. I would love to see deers in my garden! It's a sign of "environmental friendly", isn't it? When we were in Walnut Creek, California, we used to have squirrels in the back yard and our dog, Emmy, was crazy about them. But here in 'Nam, you don't normally see wildlife that close! Sigh!
    You have a good Labor Day weekend, Lynn.

  3. I have to admit, deer are cute, but only in your garden, not mine. :)
    Love the daylily shot, gorgeous!

  4. Hava great holiday, Lynn!


  5. Deer are lovely creatures, that is, until they are in your garden eating all your plants. Then you start thinking about venison stew, steaks and roasts. *chuckle*

  6. I think NO bugs should have armor. That's funny about the numbers on the grasshopper. Yeah, I REALLY need a macro lens! Your pictures are always great. Those deer are so funny. Can you imagine what they thought when they found your garden?? Jackpot!! Yes, school's in session. My 9th graders have grown like 3 inches over the summer. The 12th graders are all applying to college. It's pretty amazing what a summer can bring. My daughter started middle school. She also started a blog this summer and found a way to include music like you have on yours. So you inspired an 11 year old as well as gardeners of all ages! (link to her blog is on mine) Hope you're doing well - and not lingering by your daughter's empty and quiet bedroom... :) One of my students was telling my how it's sad to walk by his sister's bedroom now that she's away at college. I bet turning on the zumba helps! :)

  7. So funny on the lanterns because I failed to weed a patch behind hubby's garage I found some actually had lanterns and I am thrilled! We'll see if it lasts next year. The numbers on the belly-too funny. Not so funny on the family of three busily chomping away. You have a nice weekend.

  8. Wow... what a great photo of the deer in your garden! They must be used people.

    Oh, I'd love to grow those lanterns! So pretty!!! I'll trade you some hollyhock seeds for some chinese lantern seeds! If you want to trade, email me at

  9. Hi Lynn - oh dear, deer.....the only unwanted critters we get in our neighbourhood are the pesky raccoons. But they only like to dig through the garbage and compost bin.
    Love the clematis seed heads - always one of my favorites at this time of year.

  10. Yep, they did alot of damage on my phlox too! I spend so much $ spraying the plants outside the fence and now will have to do the inside too!

    Ha Xuan, I can't tell you how lucky you are NOT to have this deer problem...but if you really want...I send some your way...haha!

    Thanks, Rosey!

    You too, Chuck!

    Keewee, can you believe I've never had venison? I've heard they're great if prepared properly.

  11. Having deers in garden is something we will never experience here... But the sight of beautiful butterfly will warm anybody's heart. Cheers, ~bangchik

  12. Love all of your pictures. Fire King rules!!

  13. The Chinese Lanterns are beautiful !
    Can't believe the deer in your garden....
    Sure makes for a postcard perfect picture...awesome.

  14. Hi Wendy, it has been a strange week with Amanda gone. She actually asked to come home this long weekend but we said no..tough love eh? I have not gone into her closed door as it's still tornado city in! Enjoy your new school year!

    Hey Tina, I'm sure those 'weeds' will come back triple next year..don't worry! Enjoy your time off from blogging but come visit once in a while ;)

    Hey Toni, I'll be happy to save some seeds for you..will contact you soon. Yes, the deer are very brazen and don't seem bothered by little ol' me. It's like I'm bothering them, for heaven sake!

  15. The deers are behaving like they are taking a walk in their own garden. They look so relaxed and happy. I like the grasshopper picture most - very clear and the grasshopper seem to be having fun fooling around. Lynn, you know something? The day when my daughter left home for the first time to enter uni, I couldn't help it and my tears flowed as I helped her load her bags into the car, just as I did when I saw her perform on stage for the first time during her preschool days. Well, I guess this is what we call daughter and mum relationship.

  16. Lynn, what are we to do with these pesky deers. They get bolder by the year. I have added many new lilies for fall planting that they will enjoy next spring no doubt. I need to teach this stray cats to attack since I have no dogs.
    Your new lily is so pretty. Great macro shots! I did not realize the Monarchs had spots either. We have not saw a one this summer.
    LOL, I was trying to read the lens number.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  17. Hi Lynn, hope that you have had a restful and wonderful weekend. I really like those lanterns very much. I have seen dried ones before, they look as interesting. And, good shot on that beautiful Monarch!

  18. Oh, Lynn, I shouldn't complain about my rabbits or squirrels. Those deer remind me of the squirrels, though, acting put out that you were shooing them away.

    I love that day lily. I need to find some late blooming ones. I just planted a couple small beauty berry bushes this spring. They bloomed, and I have a few berries. Yours show me what they should look like in the future.

    I laughed out loud at your numbers on the insect. How funny! I agree with you about monarchs. Yes, the swallowtails sometimes look tattered. I thought it was from birds taking a nip at them, but maybe it's something else that causes it.

    I have a friend who has a huge yard, and grows lots of invasive/spready plants. She tries to give me some, but I usually don't have room. I do have some flowers from her yard, though, like my Queen Anne's Lace. I did turn down the Chinese Lanterns. I'd grow them if I had more room, though.

    I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but do feel good about the gardening I got done in the beautiful weather this weekend. Thanks for the fun post. (I am sitting outside with my computer, still enjoying the nice weather, and tapping my feet to your music.)

  19. Lynn, you live in a Disney cartoon..I am sure of it.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend and that you are ready for fall there such a thing?
    Heh! ;)
    Peace - Rene

  20. I hope the deer didn't come back and left the garden alone.
    I just planted a Beautyberry and I'm so happy that I finally found a spot for one in my garden. I wish we had Monarchs here, they really are pretty. I don't think I realized they were polka dotted either.

  21. Sue, good call on turning down the chinese lanterns! I'm considering pulling them all out soon to make room for...daylilies! Yes, the weather has been wonderful here too! Should I say..have fun at work...?!

    Hey land of enchantment is not so hot at the moment but fall planting is a favorite time for me! Kind of a fresh start to plan for next year.

    Catherine, the Beautyberry does get wide but it's a fairly slow grower...I know you will love it!

  22. Yes, I'm growing Chinese lantern but just in a container. Thanks for the warning. Not sure where I'll put them, but somewhere where they won't disturb anything else.

  23. Hi Lynn, so lucky to have those monarchs, not so lucky with the deer though. I hope they leave you some flowers and veggies. We have been struggling to grow those chinese lanterns but some kind of bug eats them to smithereens. I am hoping for flowers one of these years so that the lanterns can form. It grew with great abandon in our PA garden. Also, loved your 7 things. Tutus rock. HA :-)

  24. Lovely pictures.
    Ah haaa ... numbers on a grasshopper's belly! That ought to puzzle anyone ... Luckily you figure out what they were.

  25. Deers in the garden, what a lovely sight it must have been.

  26. Goodness, deer in the garden! We had rabbits here and I sloshed a garlic wash over my plants to harmlessly deter them - I think it's supposed to work with deer too - but you'd need a lot of garlic!!

    I love the beautyberry bush - not seen one like that before.

  27. Your photos are gorgeous & I feel your pain about the deer munching away right in front of you!!


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