Thursday, April 24, 2014


That was the theme for the 2014's Philadelphia Flower Show.  I tend to have such high expectations for this annual mega display of all things horticulture, and the entrance exhibit usually WOWs me to no end.  This year, not so much!
The exhibits depicted famous works of art by well-known masters such as Monet, Michelangelo and da Vinci.  And, yes, they were every artistic and interesting...
...just didn't make my heart flutter.  There were no 'garden ideas' to take away for my little space on earth and no new plants I HAD to find and attempt to grow!
That's MY kind of show!  Still, I took a ton of photos to share...
Usually, the orchid exhibit is huge!
  A much smaller scale this time 'round.
There were some great container garden ideas....
Not a bloom in sight here, but look at the COLOR!
This one's cute!  Anyone know where I can get a giant soup can?  
 So many more photos to share but I gotta run so come visit me again, soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Waiting and watching...

I know I am not the only gardener (in zone 6), to be neurotically checking on her garden's progress.  Hellebores (Lenten Rose) are usually blooming their hearts out by the end of March.  This year, there is nary a bloom on any of the clumps....what is going on?!

So featured photos below are from a recent trip to Longwood Gardens (PA) during their AMAZING orchid show.  Any friends from NJ attended?  An afternoon in this conservatory more than satisfied my hunger for vivid colors and blooms galore. Aahh...
Have you ever seen such HUMONGOUS oriental lilies!  And the afternoon light couldn't have been more perfect!  Here is the elusive Himalayan Blue Poppy
Mixed in with pink tulips really made them pop!
Imagine the heady fragrance from these Stargazers
The many faces of Lady Slipper orchids.  Cute, aren't they?
You can't miss it on this one!  So unique it was under lock and key in its very own greenhouse.
 This garden made my mouth water.  Seriously, it did!
(As always, click on the photo to enlaaarge)
I do grow an orchid here and there, but, I am NOT a collector.  Are you?
These orchids look like pansies!
Seeing these gorgeous blooms in person tied me over a least til the forsythias and magnolias put on their show.   Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed the eye candy, friends!