Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time in the Sun...

I can hardly believe that in two weeks, we'll be saying adiós to 2010! Looking back, there'd been many great milestones, but, also heartbreaking ones. Still, I feel extremely blessed and thankful in so many ways.

The final hurrah this year for me was a vacation I'd been planning almost a year for, and it came at no better time.

So I boarded a plane for a 5-hour flight...

And landed beautiful Mexico!

A Club Med Resort with ALL the bells and whistles. And what made it even more special? It was an all-inclusive vacation with my Zumba family from around the world!

Our days were chock-ful! Eating, drinking and dancing...Zumba style! Of course, camera in tow wherever I wandered, so be prepared for lots of pictures! ;)

From early morning...

to late evening...

each view of the shore was breathtaking!

Tropical blooms galore!


Nothing beats a run on the beach!

From my bedroom window...just 4 days ago!

A cool palm reflection in an algae-densed pond

How's this for a backdrop during your massage?

There were lots and lots of these guys roaming around! Kind of creeped me out a little...

Hola, señor crab!

Catch me a fish, por favor!

More blooms along the shore...

I'm gonna miss these drop-dead, gorgeous sunsets!
Not to mention those mint mojitos...yum!!!

The last evening's event was a show stopper! They really went all out with the entertainment.

Christmas was the furthest thing from my mind even though there were many beautiful poinsettias in the lobby/dining areas. And, sure, there were tree lights, but, somehow, christmas lights on palm trees set a different mood.

All in all, a wonderful vacation under el sol!

Four days later, it's back to reality, winter in NJ! Oh well...
Hey, I can always dream about next year's trip!

Wishing everyone a Feliz Navidad! Many thanks again for your visits and comments, but, most importantly, I thank you ALL for your support and friendship. I love my blogging family!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Loving Memory

I knew in an instant we were meant to be
When I saw you snuggling
with your litter mates of three
Softly sweet and cuddly, too
My heart just melted
and grew and grew

"I'll be the first to hold him" we all agreed
So he would learn early on
his new Mommy was me!

You tagged along everywhere I went
even out of the house
Hidden, of course, in my shoulder bag
quiet as a mouse
But crowds gathered, creating such a craze

How could they not, just look at that face!

The fiercest of watchdogs, with all of your might
We laughed how you growled at
strange sounds in the night!

By my side in the garden, your favorite place to be
Running, digging, so thrilled to be free!
Not so cute and smelly here, like Pepé Le Pew

But a quick rinse in the sink...

And you're good as new!

The fruits of my labor you appreciated well
I love that you even went in for a smell

Another capture of my two favorite things
Bandit and daylilies...
how they make my heart sing!

Many pics I developed, held a surprise
To find you in the background

Just smiling a "HI!"

My heart is now heavy, many tears I'll cry
For you left without warning
without a goodbye

Peacefully resting now, I know we must part
You'll forever remain my little Bandit
biggest thief of my heart...

Bandit - RIP
May 2005 - November 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fallin' for You...

I know I'm in trouble when I have to stop and take a photo of every single beautiful tree I cross! Even making myself late for work, classes, and, dare I say, getting my daughter to a party! But, she's a good sport and just rolls her eyes with a "C'mon, Mom!" And no matter how many maple trees I snap, each one takes my breath away! Please, please, tell me I'm not the only nut out there...please!

Most of my garden chores are done, though I've still a 1/2 bushel of daffs to plant...that's roughly a 150 count. Sounds a lot, but, it goes quickly when I group 15-20 per digging.

The Historical Red Mill of Clinton is the most photographic scene when articles are written about NJ. And the home of the Haunted Mill I'm always talking about. Not soo scary in the daylight though, eh?

Flashes of bright orange caught my eye~how could it not?!~and I did one of those skidding stops on the side of the! Ya just gotta admire the dedication and work that went into this whimsical and fun decoration.

Blooming still in my garden is this Honey Perfume rose.
And with fragrance as musky and intoxicating as they were in the height of summer.

Autumn Joy Sedums are especially rich in color this year. And the bees are still buzzing about.

I love the bright turn of this sumac, Tiger's Eye, I think....

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to tuck those bulbs in for their winter nap.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October's Glory

How fortunate we've been to experience such mild temps in central New Jersey. And I can't remember a more colorful and long-lasting display of spectacular foliage!

A favorite walking trail through Ken Lockwood Gorge.

The annual Haunted Mill was a huge success! Proceeds go to the upkeep of Clinton's Historical Red Mill

A few of my make-up much fun!

Enjoy your October glory and Happy Halloween!