Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time in the Sun...

I can hardly believe that in two weeks, we'll be saying adiós to 2010! Looking back, there'd been many great milestones, but, also heartbreaking ones. Still, I feel extremely blessed and thankful in so many ways.

The final hurrah this year for me was a vacation I'd been planning almost a year for, and it came at no better time.

So I boarded a plane for a 5-hour flight...

And landed beautiful Mexico!

A Club Med Resort with ALL the bells and whistles. And what made it even more special? It was an all-inclusive vacation with my Zumba family from around the world!

Our days were chock-ful! Eating, drinking and dancing...Zumba style! Of course, camera in tow wherever I wandered, so be prepared for lots of pictures! ;)

From early morning...

to late evening...

each view of the shore was breathtaking!

Tropical blooms galore!


Nothing beats a run on the beach!

From my bedroom window...just 4 days ago!

A cool palm reflection in an algae-densed pond

How's this for a backdrop during your massage?

There were lots and lots of these guys roaming around! Kind of creeped me out a little...

Hola, señor crab!

Catch me a fish, por favor!

More blooms along the shore...

I'm gonna miss these drop-dead, gorgeous sunsets!
Not to mention those mint mojitos...yum!!!

The last evening's event was a show stopper! They really went all out with the entertainment.

Christmas was the furthest thing from my mind even though there were many beautiful poinsettias in the lobby/dining areas. And, sure, there were tree lights, but, somehow, christmas lights on palm trees set a different mood.

All in all, a wonderful vacation under el sol!

Four days later, it's back to reality, winter in NJ! Oh well...
Hey, I can always dream about next year's trip!

Wishing everyone a Feliz Navidad! Many thanks again for your visits and comments, but, most importantly, I thank you ALL for your support and friendship. I love my blogging family!


  1. What a beautiful place. Lucky you too. Oh and then back to reality. Bummer. I just read that you lost your little Bandit. He was such a cutie and gosh that is hard for you. Our pets become a member of the family. Sorry for your loss.

  2. Ah, all of that sunshine was sweet relief from the Seattle gloom. And we eat at a little restaurant called Ixtapa every Sunday night. Now it will make me think of sunsets.

  3. I'm so glad you had a lovely holiday! It sounds and looks wonderful. Those sunsets are glorious.

    Here it is snowy too - I'm sitting at the computer with walking boots on to keep my toes warm!!

  4. oh my gosh - I'm so freaking jealous - especially hearing the multimedia presentation of this awesome looking trip. And you got to zumba too? That's must have been a great getaway!!

  5. You look fabulous Lynn! Love the beach and wonderful coconut trees. But that iguana (is it?) errr... I don't think I will like them roaming around like that. I love the picture of the coconut tree shadow on the nice green lawn :-D

    Nevertheless, have the most memorable and fun filled Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Hi Becca, thank you so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate them.

    Kelly, you're in Ixtapa every single week?! Must be a great restaurant! I love special traditions like that :)

    Hey Ingrid, I took a few bench shots that brought you to mind...And yes, the sunsets WERE glorious!

  7. OK...I'm sooo jealous.
    Vacation with family where it's WARM !
    Wonderful shots,really gives the feel of fun and relaxation.
    I see you had to get snaps of all those pretty flowers...wish I was there.
    We'll be on vacation in a few weeks...YAY !

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
    Hope you have a merry Christmas.

  8. Lynn, this is a wonderful place for a holiday. You are in great shape. Now I wanna learn Zumba too! I' like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  9. Lynn, I won't bother to tell you that some of us have been basking in rain and fog while you have enjoyed such warmth and sunshine. ;) Beautiful place, great photos, and I'm sure a well deserved time in the sun.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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