Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

More spooky fun from the 'Haunted Mill'. Hope you're all enjoying this fun Holiday! Did you survive mischief night? Be sure to make time to hang out with friends that always have your back when you need it most!
Hope you had a good night's rest
with no body bags in your dreamsand your limbs stayed intact! But most of all, hope you didn't wake up with your yard looking like this... Happy Halloween everybody!
Don't forget to 'fall back' on your clocks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best in Boos Today...

The historical Red Mill in Clinton becomes home for ghosts and ghouls every October. This year's theme is Asylum of Terror. In it's 19th season, this fundraiser is what keeps the Mill maintained and in operation for the publics' enjoyment year round.I'm just one of the many volunteers that help with set-painting, decorating, and my favorite, make-up, for the amazing actors who put together a first-class performance. The set gets built a few weeks before Opening Night.Then the painting fun begins. Funny how I always end up with jobs that require me climbing a ladder! All glow-in-the-dark paint being used here. The tour runs about 30 minutes but the line getting to the front can sometimes take 3-4 hours! An event not for the faint-hearted. We do WARN no kids under 6 and no preggers! The hayride through the cemetary, complete with black lights and Vincent Price, is pretty awesome! Oh, please meet my boyfriend...he's a great listener! And our very serious Director, Jen! Can you tell I hate this gig...not having any fun at all...none! Not so scary in the daylight... ...much better at night! Watch your step, please And beware of clowns lurking behind trees... A lovely couple, eh? They'll even babysit for free! This is Charlie...the maggots eating his flesh are made from plaster and oatmeal...yum! secrets! Perfect eerie sky for a night of spooking... But just to be safe...better say your prayers...Mua ha ha!
Last Friday night was great success. With Saturday, came torrential rain and lightning! We had to delay opening for an hour..which made the crowd very antsy...but, safety first! Hopefully, this Friday will be a record-breaking finale. If you're ever in the area, check us out! I'll even get you to the front of the line ;)
Hope y'all are getting into the Spirit of Halloween! Remember to stock up on your favorite candy! Another reason I love Halloween....leftovers!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

California Dreamin....

Hey everyone! Did my visit to California really take place? It's already just a blur! I guess the proof is in the pictures below...
I flew out of Newark very apprehensively as it was raining and the fog was thick! But the endless blue above the clouds....WOW! Too bad my window was streaky.

Six hours later, the view of San Diego Harbor was a wonderful, welcoming sign.
Though my camera worked overtime on family photos, I'll just share with you the pretty landscapes. It's always so great to return to the place that encapsulates your youth. Seeing high school friends takes me back to a time when we were young and carefree. And how funny now that some of us were not only discussing our grown-up children but the prospect of becoming....EGADS....grandparents!
How is this possible?!
Early morning walks on the beach was what I longed to do! But I'd forgotten how foggy the coast can be!
It didn't help that there is a power plant 1/2 mile down the road. This I don't miss...
The beach was a daily destination for me...sometimes even twice. Taking walks, mainly checking out the surfers...haha! Unfortunately, most of them were NOT spring chickens, mind you! Nope, not your average sun bleached, long-haired surfer dudes! (Think Spicoli...anyone??)
Amazing that by 7am, parking lots were filled with guys suiting up and waxing boards. And by the models of their cars, I'm certain these were executive types trying to catch that perfect wave before their 9-5 shift. I'd forgotten how serious surfing can be!
And even more serious, scuba diving!I find it unbelievable that my whole family lives only 10 minutes from this beautiful paradise and yet never make time to visit! Something about it being "too sandy"....can you imagine?!

Another major perk when visiting home? The requirement to eat, eat, eat! No matter our age, Mom's home cooking beats any 5-star restaurant! Don't you agree? Ha Xuan, you would appreciate my big steaming bowl of 'Pho' and 'goi cuon' on a daily basis!

So, with my triple(!) intake of calories, I spent many hours walking along the surfs' edge~
just me and my.... ....shadow! Alright, I think we DO need at least one flower photo.
So, for the orchid lovers...In a blink of an eye, my 5 day visit came to an end :(
The last sunset from Mom's patio....sighBack to my window seat with the pretty view. Farewell, Pacific Coast... A cold and wet weekend forecast and I can actually hear the wind howling outside as I type. A giant Blue Jay just landed 5 ft. away on this choke berry shrub but flew off just as I came back with the camera! Back to life as I know it in NJ but yours truly will be California dreamin'...
And in the words of Arnold....hope that
"I'll be back" real soon!
To all my friends and family (you know who YOU are!)
I love you and miss you already!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Allow me a few minutes of your undivided attention. Join me...down this enchanting path. I will entice you with all that I possess. You will FALL for me. But, first, quell your inner chaos, then take my hand~I will do the rest. Breathe me in...
Stop and study the details of my world
Enjoy the creatures of my playground. Be they wild... Or respectfully tame
Look me up....
And admire me below
Feel the power of my glow...
the richness of my palette
Love me at a distance
and eye-to-eye
Let your spirit soar...
Forever, I can be yours...
So, remember this spell I've cast upon you!Leave me now, if you must, but know I'll be here~
beckoning and anticipating your sweet return.
For I am my best in FALL