Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best in Boos Today...

The historical Red Mill in Clinton becomes home for ghosts and ghouls every October. This year's theme is Asylum of Terror. In it's 19th season, this fundraiser is what keeps the Mill maintained and in operation for the publics' enjoyment year round.I'm just one of the many volunteers that help with set-painting, decorating, and my favorite, make-up, for the amazing actors who put together a first-class performance. The set gets built a few weeks before Opening Night.Then the painting fun begins. Funny how I always end up with jobs that require me climbing a ladder! All glow-in-the-dark paint being used here. The tour runs about 30 minutes but the line getting to the front can sometimes take 3-4 hours! An event not for the faint-hearted. We do WARN no kids under 6 and no preggers! The hayride through the cemetary, complete with black lights and Vincent Price, is pretty awesome! Oh, please meet my boyfriend...he's a great listener! And our very serious Director, Jen! Can you tell I hate this gig...not having any fun at all...none! Not so scary in the daylight... ...much better at night! Watch your step, please And beware of clowns lurking behind trees... A lovely couple, eh? They'll even babysit for free! This is Charlie...the maggots eating his flesh are made from plaster and oatmeal...yum!
Shhh...trade secrets! Perfect eerie sky for a night of spooking... But just to be safe...better say your prayers...Mua ha ha!
Last Friday night was great success. With Saturday, came torrential rain and lightning! We had to delay opening for an hour..which made the crowd very antsy...but, safety first! Hopefully, this Friday will be a record-breaking finale. If you're ever in the area, check us out! I'll even get you to the front of the line ;)
Hope y'all are getting into the Spirit of Halloween! Remember to stock up on your favorite candy! Another reason I love Halloween....leftovers!!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun to be involved with. You all do a great job of decorating! I think if I came I'd want to see it in the daytime, I get freaked out very easily :)
    I haven't bought our candy yet because I usually eat most of it, then have to go buy more.

  2. It looks like so much fun! Albeit scary fun-ha-fun is fun. We need to find one local for our teenager. I love these kinds of haunted houses. Great pictures!

  3. Girl, that looks like so much fun!
    and to be involved in it's production?
    That's like a dream/nightmare come true for me :)


  4. Lynn,
    This is one of the scariest posts I have seen, and that is a GOOD thing! It all looks very realistic, like I would know, I come across Zombies all the time. :)
    great stuff.

  5. no preggers, ha ha ha!!!

    You are such a good artist - and this is really scary!! That photo of the crosses and scary dead thing up on the top of the building at night? Really really scary! I think this tour hits on just about all the scary things - clowns too! If there were some giant bloody butterflies with fangs, I'd have a heart attack. Pretty sacrilege too, huh?

    Funny to see this side of the red mill - I remember your last set of photos!

  6. Hi Catherine, well seeing the Haunted Mill in the daytime defeats the whole purpose! Blood curling screams are what we strive for..haha! I totally understand about the candy purchased in advance..but if you do wait, all the goods are gone;)

    Tina, the bulk of the crowds are teenagers. They try to act all cool but when a zombie walks up and stares at them, they totally lose it! FUN!

    Rene, I'm telling ya..gotta come one year! It's a blast! I used to 'act' too but always lost my voice after the 2nd night! There's no similar production in your area?!

  7. Wow what great fun! I love all the make up and decorations too!!

  8. Oh so much fun you had! All the make-up and props are done so well that they really really look so real... you guys must had frightened many during the performance. And Lynn, your big smiles turned the photos to comical that's otherwise very scary. I have enjoyed all these photos very much, TQ :-D

  9. Oh Lynn, what fun! It does look scary too, the photos at the end are just perfect! This is a first class production, how wonderful that it can support the mill financially too. Other venues should take note about this way to raise revenue, offer some fun for the community and the volunteers! Your make up job is fabulous, yuck to the maggots!!!! :-)

  10. What a totally spooky looking place! We have a dandy haunted house in my town too! I am always impressed with the time and planning that goes into these events. Wish I lived closer!

  11. That looks like EXCELLENT fun!!!
    We don't really make a big issue of Halloween, but I'd certainly go to something like this - it beats the 'ghost walks' I've been on!

    Nice to catch up with your blog again too :)

  12. This is so cool! Great job! You looked like you have a lot of fun!
    Thanks again for your encouragements.
    Everything will be just fine.

  13. Cindee and Stephanie! You guys are great, thanks!

    Frances, it really is amazing that they raise upwards of $50K from this annual event ;) We're always looking for new volunteers to get fresh ideas so it gets better every year, too! Puss and maggots are my specialty..lol!

    Yeah, I think your girls would enjoy the tour, Heather, then again, maybe they'll be traumatized for life! Collecting more eggs?

  14. Hi Lynn, I have to admit - it's too scary for me. Mr Shady and I traveled through something like this with friends a couple of years ago. I hugged his arm practically the whole way through! I'll stay home, drink some hot chocolate and eat lots of candy! ha. :-) I can tell you're having a lot of fun, though. And you're doing a wonderful job!

  15. Lynn - that looks like so much fun. My ex and I used to volunteer for a great fundraiser in our hometown - really scary stuff full of lots of laughs. Looks like you had the same great time.

  16. Hoo-lee!
    that is really creepy!
    (ok, but deliciously so!)

    you are one brave woman, Lynn!

    nice, nice work.
    (said the big ch-ch-ch-chicken.)

  17. Now I'm really scared! But you sure look like you are having fun.

  18. Oh ah... not for me, I'm not used to all these!!! But, well, as long as you think it's fun, ok then :-o)
    For a few days now I couldn't log on to your blog, Lynn. Glad to see you back from California.

  19. Liz, I think you beat me in the painting dept. girl! And mama said don't play with your food, but maybe a spelling game is ok!

    Thinking of you, France ;)

    Hi Shady! Guess after 10 years, I'm immnune to the spooks. Hot chocolate and candy sounds great to me, too!

    Thanks, Heather Bell!

  20. Oh what amazing fun! Looks like you had a great creative time with the painting - it looks fantastic.

    I've never bothered much with Hallowe'en - I'm inspired now!

  21. Awesome !
    Looks like you had a blast.
    Good cause and tons of fun.
    Love your scary pictures...good job !

  22. Lynn, this is a great post. Sorry it took me so long to get here. I just wish you would have more fun in your life, you know? By the way, I finally bought daffodil bulbs, now just need to get them planted.

    Happy Halloween!

  23. I think you all have done a very good job. It looks like a Hollywood movie set. Very real and spooky and scary. Before seing all this, I was only thinking about pumpkins and kids who knock at you door and saying tricks or treats.


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