Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

More spooky fun from the 'Haunted Mill'. Hope you're all enjoying this fun Holiday! Did you survive mischief night? Be sure to make time to hang out with friends that always have your back when you need it most!
Hope you had a good night's rest
with no body bags in your dreamsand your limbs stayed intact! But most of all, hope you didn't wake up with your yard looking like this... Happy Halloween everybody!
Don't forget to 'fall back' on your clocks!


  1. You know, they don't have mischief night in New that a Jersey thing? I remember doing the TP thing growing up...that was all that we were allowed :)


  2. Hi Rene! I thought mischief night fell everywhere! TP-ing is the tamest trouble you can get into, though! Doorbell ditching is another but 've heard of some pretty gruesome pranks!

  3. Whoa, what a scary sight.What fun.
    Happy Halloween.

  4. The pig is the creepiest! What great pictures, looks like you're having lots of fun. No mischief here last night. I always wonder how many pumpkins will be missing from our doorstep, but all are still here luckily.

  5. What great Halloween fun!!! Love everything!!!

  6. oooh, good thing we don't have mischief night here! That haunted house is really ornate! Little kids don't go through, do they?

  7. Hi Lona,
    What fun is right! ;)

    Walking through the foggy maze of body bags then bam! the pig, in your face! Lots of screams heard in this venue! We've been lucky too on mischief night, but some of our neighbors have not! Hope your kids had fun trick-or-treating.

    Thanks, Cindee!

    Hi Wendy, there are many out of area parents who bring kids (under 3!) and go through...I always feel really bad for those little guys! The Mill is perfect for haunting as it has been featured on the Sci-Fi channel and have had actual ghost sightings!

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  9. I never imagined that Halloween can be so spooky and scary! I think this is definitely a good training for toughen up cowards like me. But then again, its like too much blood. Luckily you have a lovely sunrise picture to 'save' me.

  10. That is ONE heck of a haunted house! Love your friend's makeup!

  11. I really enjoyed looking at these photos here. Those body bags... gosh who thought of that... that's horrible he he... Now how I wish we also celebrate halloween here just for the fun of it.

  12. Ohhhh... how spooky! I love visting places like that. We went to a Haunted House on Mischief Night in our area. The teenagers did a great job portraying the creepy characters. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! -Jackie

  13. additional "Hoo-Lee!"
    that is some creepy stuff!
    (but soo well done!)

    can't wait to see
    what you serve up
    for November!


  14. Hi Lynn, with friends like the saying goes! You are a wonder with the pus and maggots! Oh those toilet papered trees, we had to endure years of that with our four kids in high school. We lived on an acre of woods then too. One good thing was making the kids clean it up. Maybe it prevented them doing it to others, HA Highly unlikely! :-)


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