Monday, November 2, 2009

Saying Goodbye....

Once I flip my calendar to November, I find the rest of the year quickly runs its course. Maybe it's the crazy-busy activities of Thanksgiving and Christmas that help speed the months along but I also think it's because I'm sadly saying goodbye to the garden and eagerly anticipating its return come Spring. There are still beautiful foliage to enjoy, at least in my neck of the woods. But soon, these deciduous branches will lay bare, and oh how we will miss their multi-colored coats! Seemingly overnight, the glowing fans of this gingko tree will create a golden carpet at its trunk, which in itself, is a beautiful sight.
Though presently living up to their name, these burning bushes will soon be naked, huddling tight and shivering through winter without their dense, fiery coat of red. Haphazard blooms found here and there but the majority of plants/flowers have bid their farewell and settled in for the duration. The annual visitors, sadly, make no plans to return.
A final visit from this colorful moth brought me much joy.As do the fruits and berries decorating these trees. Captured here for posterity before they are picked clean by our feathered friends ;)

My collection of chrysanthemums vary somewhat, but mostly, I go for bold, rich colors.With the daisy-like mums being my favorite!Of course you need white ones to make a vase arrangement 'go together'. Hey, how'd that little geranium sneak in there! Imagine my surprise to find this beautiful rose in bloom! Five days later, they still look great on my bedside table. And somehow, attending the last daylily club (GSDG) meeting of the year, makes saying goodbye to the garden that much more final. But, as we gardeners know, now begins the fun phase of dreaming and planning our projects for 2010. My 'Wish List' of daylilies increased tenfold...thanks to our wonderful speaker on hybridizing...Mike Huben. I can't wait for that first pollen cross next summer! Have yourselves a great week and enjoy the last Hurrah of Autumn!


  1. So far, your fall is colorful, rich and bright! Then, as you said, we'll just be dreaming about spring...

  2. You have rich autumn color surrounding you!! also had a very scary halloween.

  3. Delighful post.
    You have to love our four seasons.
    Don't think I'd have it any other way.
    Ah yes, dreams of spring...the garden always changes.

  4. Lynn,
    Time does fly for me too when November gets here. Before you know it, you will be roasting a turkey. Love all your colors of fall, such a treat to see.

  5. So true.... November and December is a blur for me for usually with the holidays and all the family activities we have going on. I wish Jan, Feb, and March would fly by that quickly... I hate snow... -Jackie

  6. It does seem that once it's November the next couple of months just fly by. I'm still working on getting my yard cleaned up before it's too cold. I love all the fall color you found.
    BTW I finally did the meme you tagged me for awhile ago :)

  7. I can't imagine how it is living in a 4-season weather. Here, not much changes throughout! Sigh!
    I really love the coloful fall sights around your region.

  8. Lynn I used to mourn the loss of color until my friend Julie turned me around...

    "Rene, think of this as the season of lace, look at the bare branches against the sky...they look like various patterns of lacework".

    And so now that is what I see and it can be beautiful at times.

    Peace ~ Rene

  9. Hi Lynn - its' been such a great autumn - the colours are gorgeous.

  10. Hey, Tatyana...knew you'd understand!

    Thanks, Darla! Yes, Halloween was fun but I'm glad it's over...made myself sick with too much candy ;)

    I'm with you, Patsi..NJ's the greatest!

    LOL, Rosey, I already have 2 turkeys stashed (for shelters) and will get a few more in the next couple weeks! Btw, I'm not looking forward to the snow you've been hit with :(

  11. What a lovely farewell to Autumn!

    Yet as the foliage disappears, one can see the lovely dips and valleys of the land appear between the bare tree-trunks and new vistas emerge! Each season has it's own loveliness. Whoopee!

    I love the photo with the Ginko leaves - they look so sculptural!

  12. Hi Catherine, your Meme was great! Always fun to glimpse a more personal side of good blogging friends. Hope you'll be able to cross off all your fall clean-up chores.

    Ha Xuan, wanna house swa in about 3 months? haha!

    Rene, I like Julie's thinking! Hmmm...patterns of lacework...such a nice ring to it. When I complain about the ice come Jan/Feb, remind me! :)

  13. Hi Lynn, that maple with the white fence leading the eye to it is just wonderful, the perfect image to represent fall. How fun to have a daylily cross. We germinated two of our own crosses this year too, very exciting stuff! :-)

  14. Hi Heather Belle, you have pretty amazing colours too, just way earlier than ours ;)

    Ha Xuan~oops, there's a p missing at the end of swa...

    Pheonix you like the bare branches too...Whoopee!! Gingko tree foliage IS beautiful but the fruits of the female trees are way smelly!

  15. The autumn leaves up north are so grand, we had a short fall color season here in NC, lots of rain that knocked all the leaves down too quick- though I am watching my ginko turn slowly lime green and eventually golden- I love that. I also love it when the leaves come down and I can see the lay of the land again, I really look forward to winter for that reason, and so I can come in side and rest a bit!

  16. lovely photos! I love that spanking white fence. The photo of the red berries up against that white is so striking. How fun to cross pollinate your own daylilies! My daughter thought about doing that for a science fair project but that would require lots of prep time! I'd love to see a post on the stuff you've cross pollinated at some point!!

  17. You have some lovely colors of blooms, leaves, bushes, berries, etc. The butterfly is pretty, too! I am hoping the winter goes as quickly as the summer did.

  18. Enjoy the autumn Lynn! The rich colours are so beautiful :-D Love your photos as always.

  19. Thanks, Frances! I made a dozen crosses this year but my notes are somewhat confusing and I've lost seed pods here and there so I'll be starting over next year :) Mike's first worthy daylily to increase for sale took 12 years! So your new babies will be blooming in 1-2 years...exciting!

    Ajeya Rao....I!

    Hey Maria,
    the colors have much more staying power this year (at least I think so) but there are years when we enjoy 'fall' for such a short period. At least you've still got crops to harvest :)

  20. Thanks, Wendy! Unfortunately, I don't have much info on my daylily crosses...yet! It was fun letting the girls marry any two they wanted but I lost some seeds and didn't label others...there's always next year!

    Sue, me too!

    Steph, love your visits and always kind words..thanks!

  21. Lynn, Thanks for visiting! I can see why you liked my posts, we are kindred spirits with a camera! I can't go anywhere without it anymore, and see beautiful shots everywhere. Your fall color is gorgeous, and I promise to keep some coming from California while your garden sleeps. And that sunset shot? Wow...

  22. I see my brother! Nice post...

  23. These are fabulous pictures! Ahh! Fall is such a great time of year, even if it does mean that the garden season is coming to a close.


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