Friday, November 13, 2009


The procrastination bug has bitten, and bitten hard! Other than just walking through the garden with my camera, I've been flaking out with the year-end chores. Leaf clean up, trimming, mulching....all things necessary to put the garden down for a deep sleep. And I keep thinking I still have plenty of time to plant my bulbs!

Instead, I'm out touring gardens in my free this one in south Jersey!

Clusters of pearls are what these beauty berries remind me of... Amazing that only an hour south, annuals are still looking great!
This pond was pretty shallow but look how healthy these kois are! They were extremely hungry...following me with their big eyes and opened mouths. Sorry guys, nothing good in my pockets.
So what's my excuse for neglecting the garden? Can I blame it on shorter days? Adjusting to daylight savings is easy...what's one less hour of sleep for this's the time I can spend outdoors after work that I miss. Pitch dark now by 5pm...that's the hard part!
Too busy with work, home projects, crafts, etc. etc....
Okay, I'll come clean and admit it....I've been LAZY!!!

But, in order to get beauties like these....
I must plant these! Pronto! Before the ground freezes...
Am I alone in my procrastination? Have you, too, been bitten? Somehow, I think some of you can relate....
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, I absolutely loved this post..the colors are amazing..the awesome photos..a fave for sure!! Lovely!!yay..very inspiring!

  2. Lynn,
    You are NOT the only one procrastinating. I am a master, myself.
    I like those Koi. They have lovely coloring.

  3. What beautiful colors Lynn and a fun scarecrow there.Beauty berries are so gorgeous this time of year.

  4. You are not alone... I still have some bulbs to plant and some tomatoes cages to put in the barn. IT is so much warmer in the house!
    Happy Friday - LOVE your photography!

  5. Me too. Its hard this time of year to be thinking about planting(-: I still have blooms to enjoy here but not for long. We have had some light frost mornings!
    I hope you have a great weekend too!

  6. I'm right there with you and all of the other procrastinators. I agree with Bren - it's so much warmer in the house right now. I just bought some bulbs so I've got to get them in the ground before it freezes over. I won't be doing it this weekend though since rain is expected all weekend.

  7. I choose to call it a break. It sounds much more positive than procrastinating. And I'm sure after your much needed break you'll feel refreshed and ready to tackle your gardens.

  8. It's hard to get out and do the work part of gardening when it's cold and dark. I just came in from planting the last of the bulbs and violas that have been on my deck for at least 2 weeks.
    The garden tour pictures are great inspiration for fall plantings.

  9. I have no idea what you're talking about. As you well know, I always plant my bulbs the day I receive them ... if that day is in February.

  10. Lynn, I believe I've probably given you a run for your money in the Procrastination Department this year! ;-) I love the photos of your garden visit! (I also love the scarecrow!) I found this great drill bit that was developed for drilling holes in the ground for bulbs! Perhaps you'd better check into that... wouldn't it be helpful??

  11. I am with you, i planted few yesterday and have to plant rest of them on Sunday. By the time i reach home its dark and its hard to get up early, but since i have 1 lot left to be planted i think this sunday i'll be sorted.

    Have a great Weekend !

  12. What I can say is that your procrastination is my gain because I get to go sightseeing with you. Wow, wow, wow. You are doing the running around and I am enjoying the lovely pictures. Now I am also dreaming of your peonies too. Are they anything that will bloom in winter?

  13. Oh the koi is really hungry! The flowers in your garden still look great. I am sure the bulbs will do ok for you. Btw, koi can tolerate cold water?

  14. YAY! Thank you, Kiki!

    Rosey, there were at least 2 dozen kois in that pond..weird with all those "O"'s following me about but they were pretty :)

    Lona, Bren, Cindee: Thanks guys! I appreciate your visits!

    Jackie, rain in our forecast, too...I'm hoping I have a few more weeks to get those bulbs in ;)

  15. Holly, okay, I'm just on a break~hey, I feel!

    Catherine, glad you got your plantings done! I love all the blooms you still have going on in that beautiful garden, too!

    Haha, Kelly! I've been known to plant bulbs in March after I find them hiding in the garage! Whatever you do, don't store them in your laundry room...I always remember that post!

    So, Shady, you're worse than me??? Yes, George from Vermont Gardens told me about that speedy tool, it works great!

    Zindagi, with your busy travels, I'm glad to hear you had time to plant your bulbs....were they tulips??

  16. Lynn, beautiful, beautiful photos! You have quite the artistic eye.

  17. I have to admit that my bulbs are all safely sleeping in the ground, and some cleanup has been done. But when we finally get a hard freeze, there will be plenty more cleanup to be done!

  18. I rather tour gardens's fun !!!
    Now garden chores...well that's another story.
    Join the lazy club,of course good weather would help. We've have so much rain and coastal flooding. Work in AC and there's only been one way in or out for the past 3 days,but now the storm is out to sea....yay.

  19. Oh I do love the bench photo! Beautiful atmosphere and lighting. Thanks for letting me know!

    Also love the juxtaposition of the goldy-yellows and purples in the photos - is that goldenrod in the background?

    (I've been too busy to garden recently - kind of been on a different planet, workwise ...!)

  20. Autumn Belle, there are blooms that can be forced to bloom indoors but the garden is pretty much done for the season.

    Hi Steph, yes the kois do survive outdoors year round but become much less active and don't require regular feedings.

    Thank you so much, Di!

    Robin, nice that you have your bulbs planted :)

    Yay is right, Patsi. It oould be worse. Love your beach visit...I actually thought of driving to the shore just to see the sanderlings!

    Hey Phoenix C...that clump of yellow foliage is actually Amsonia...I'd never realized they got so big and have that great fall color! Hope you have a great day ;)

  21. Beautiful photos Lynn! Hopefully your garden visits are helping provide inspiration. Maybe you're just incubating ideas and not really procrastinating? ;)

    Most fall garden chores have been completed here. When it comes to bulbs, since moving here I procrastinate myself right out the fall opportunity for buying and planting them. I'm sure I'll regret it once again in the spring!

  22. Get to planting Lynn-before you know it Christmas will be here. Love the garden tour. Especially that scarecrow. He is great!

  23. wow, Lynn...
    i'm forever in awe
    at the beauty you not only photograph
    but create.

    i have never seen a fish do that!
    let alone capture what must have happened
    in a split second!

    you are Zen
    on 2 wheels~

  24. That's a lot of bulbs!! Better get one of those drill thingys!

    Those gigantic hungry koi you find at botanic gardens are always so creepy - how they follow you around in large groups, practically jumping out of the water...

    Love the color combos in the garden you visited. I think it's the gomphrena I love. I love love love it. Never had it but must next year.

  25. Linda, inspiration is what I seek when I'm out touring gardens so I guess not a total waste of time...glad your chores are about done;)

    Hey Tina, I thought the farmer scarecrow was fun! His 'wife' was there too but her planting bed was empty. Yes, Christmas is upon us..yikes..but I did make great progress yesterday;)

    Chuck, thank you! It WAS quite a challenge to get this know I had to take tons!

    Hi Wendy! Gomphrenas are wonderful! Please, plant some next year. I saw them in red(!) this year so that's on my list. They last all summer in the garden and dry great for arrangments, too!

  26. Hi Lynn,
    I'm not sure if it's procrastination, but things have kept coming up that prevent me from being out working, even though I wanted to. A few times, it was because I was too tired, or it was too cold out. Of course for awhile there, it was because my knee and ankle hurt from the fall I had. I have had some pity parties.

    Well, I enjoyed your photos! I hope you get things done soon.

  27. I am not being lazy...I just have too much to do. I have a few things that need to be done outside too...Normally we have snow already a month ago...this year it is still bare! We did get the snow in Sept...but it is long gone and the weather is I really should be working on that stuff....but the truth is that I am heading for burn out this week. My body hurts!!!
    your photos are gorgeous as usual friend

  28. Pity parties...LOL, Sue! There's always an excuse but eventually they have to get done! Another nice week here so I'm in no rush...haha!

    Tootsie, your garden (and your neighbor's!) shows your hard work so you deserve the rest! Snow...ugh!! Thanks for the visit :)


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