Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chasing Fire...

On a recent drive home, I was blinded by the reflection in the rear view mirror. So busy in my thoughts that I somehow missed the blaze going on behind me! And, of course, I now HAD to capture this amazing view. But going 70mph on a busy highway made pulling over quite impossible! Thank goodness I knew of an upcoming exit. But time was running out quick!
The red light allowing me to pull a U-ey lasted an eternity...isn't that always the case?!

Now on a road paralleling the highway, I was determined to chase this fire in the sky. Again, obstacles found their way into ruining my perfect picture~telephone poles, buildings, oncoming cars! And more time lost...

Oooh, a crest in the next turn! Tricky angle but doable...Now pulled over and sitting on my opened window ledge of a door, my back leaned way out, I had the perfect view! Tell me you wouldn't have done the same...even with cars whizzing by!

Was this view worth it?

Absolutely! For me! How could I resist not sitting and staring at one of the most gorgeous sunsets I've ever seen! Could you?
Lost in my thoughts again, until the voice of a 15-year passenger impatiently asked "Can we go home now?!" Darn them kids!!


  1. That is one spectacular sunset! Thanks for sharing. Is it just me, or do sunsets and sunrises seem more intense in the fall?

  2. Thank you for these beautiful shots Lynn! A sky as red as this one is really not I normally see.

  3. Yes I would probably do the same!!! I have had some awesome sunsets here lately too. Its been so exciting and beautiful to see!!!!! Yours was outstanding!!!! Now you have a picture to remind you!!!

  4. Absolutely stunning! Well worth the detour in the car. (I usually rush straight to the computer after taking photos outdoors, and forget all about eating, cooking and everything else!!)

  5. Of course the view is worth it. I wouldn't miss this sunset for anything. It is worth every minute of the time spent looking at it too. Estacy to gaze at such beautiful skys till eternity but it doesn't last and that's the beauty of it. That's why the moment is worth the dash and inconvenience. Ah, the kids! That is a very normal behaviour from a teenager.

  6. Isn't God good to give you such a wonderful gift. Your pictures are great. That sky is absolutely beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous! There is nothing like a beautiful sunset to make you realize the power of God's work.
    BTW - yes, we will compost some of the leaves from our tree. Thanks for visiting my blog again

  8. no way!
    that is just stunning, Lynn...
    the spectacle and the capture!

    beautiful work!

  9. Absolutely, 100% worth it!
    A great capture!

  10. Hi Tina! Yes, I thought so!

    Rosey, this particular sunset was the reddest I've seen. Usually beautiful shades of pink/ understand why I went a little nuts ;)

    Thanks, Stephanie!

    Cindee, I've enjoyed your beautiful sunsets and moon photos, too!

  11. Sweet Lona, thanks so much!

    Phoenix C.~I think it just shows how passionate we can get about Mother Nature...but everyone else (our family!) thinks we're!

    Hey Autumn Belle, Emma was laughing I was going crazy trying to get these're right, typical teenager ;)

    Thanks for coming by, Debbie!

  12. And I thought we had beautiful evening sunsets! Absolutely breathtaking!

  13. Heather Belle, I'm sooo with you, there!
    Oh goody on the black gold :)

    Thank you, Chuck! I'm sure you would've been looking through your lense, too ;)

    Mary Jane and Di: So great of you to visit and making me smile with your compliments! I appreciate them so much :)

  14. Without a doubt, Lynn! You managed to catch it beautifully too. They change so quickly, I never can get to a good spot and capture them as well as you have. Glad you were safe on the roads! :-)

  15. These pictures are just amazing!
    I just want to let you know that you have been tagged for the Honest Scrap Award. See my post for more info, feel free to respond to it.
    Thanks for your kind words, I appreciated so much

  16. That was well worth your Jersey driving :)

    Peace ~ Rene

  17. Hi Frances,
    I took MANY pictures in that 5 minute window...most ended up blurry after the download but these two were good enough to share with you!

    Douce France,
    thanks for the Meme! You are a dear to think of me ;)

    Thanks Rene! Yes, a Jersey drive I am...but without the hand gestures...haha!

  18. Oh Lynn, that's just what I would have done. When I see a pretty sunset, I'm off to capture it on film. Of course, the best ones always come when I don't have my camera on me. Argh!

  19. Looks like you caught it just in time!! How beautiful!

  20. Lynn, the photos are stunningly beautiful. Well worth the effort on your part. Loved your story. Especially the surprise ending ... you were not alone! I haven't gone to such lengths, but as you were describing the obstacles, it reminded me of so many walks or runs when I see a beautiful tree/sky scene, only to have power lines obstructing the view.

    And, I must tell you. We (finally) planted daffodil bulbs yesterday. It was a perfect day for it. I'll let you know in the spring if we were successful. (I ran into the house to recheck your recommendations before proceeding.)

    Happy Day!
    ~ Ginny

  21. Ginny, you are too cute! And come Spring, you will be hugely rewarded for the little extra time...hope you had fun playing in the dirt :)


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