Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saying Goodbye...Part 2

The amazing weather this past Sunday had me doing back flips! Well...ok, lopsided cartwheels were more like it! A beautiful, sunny, and WARM day...perfect for gardening. So, naturally, I spent it hiking, biking and goofing off with!A 'must' re-visit to the gorge...with views much different then 2 weeks ago, but, FALL's magic was still seen and felt. The trees along the banks are mostly bare now but beautiful, nonetheless.

Hey, what's this guy doing here? A scavenger hunt, I'm thinking, started by someone with a sense of whimsical. Whatever the reason, it made my eyes go a-hunting a little more closely and several treasures were found.Look at this...I would have totally missed this secret door! Must be where the gnomes and fairies hide in inclement weather....thinking of you, Frances :)

When I came across this beautiful oak tree, the song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon..." started playing in my head, and there it stayed, all day...annoying everyone within earshot! This was my favorite find of the day! Of course, I had to climb a split-rail fence and sneak into someone's yard...good thing I didn't see the 'Beware of Dog' sign 'til after....yikes! But isn't this sweet? And romantic....
Capping off the perfect day...

Make it a great one, y'all!


  1. I felt as though I went for the walk with you,Lynn. I like the stone figure of the couple in embrace. It is so very romantic. The sunset was a perfect ending to a beautiful day.

  2. What a glorious sunset! What a sweet statue. Isn't that just the perfect tree for the fairie door.Thanks so much for taking us along on your fall walk I needed the exercise ;-)

  3. Fantastic photos! Sometimes we hide things in the forest, but we once came upon some dolls. It was a bit on the creepy side. I like the knome better.

  4. Thanks Lynn, you made my day too! I love that little door and the shots you have shared with us, but you can keep tie a yellow ribbon to yourself! HA It sounds like a perfect time, too fun! :-)

  5. What a beautiful tour, we still have a bit of fall color here, but most of it is on the ground now. I love the fairy door. The smoking gnome is too funny.

  6. What beautiful photos and a glorious woodland! I love the fairy door - I wonder who put that there? Maybe it is real!!

  7. Beautiful sceneries! Thank you for the tour, Lynn.
    Me, too, I wonder who put those little treasures there? I especially like the children-couple. Cute, cute, cute. I must search for similar thing to put in my garden.

  8. Really cute ornaments! Don't you just love the fall!? I love that little door...

    I love that song too - definitely one that sticks in your head all day. Today I've been singing the Carpenter's song - appropriate for your walk as well, "I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation..."

  9. This is sooo gorgeous! What a beautiful nature inspired post!Fabulous job...the!

  10. beautiful captures, Lynn!

    it's uncanny
    how some of your pictures
    are so similar to some of my own faves...
    (i have the sister to your 3rd pic.)

    peace & beauty~

  11. Thanks ALL(!) for your visits and wonderful comments that leave not only a smile on my face but deep in my soul as well...such good friends you ALL are!!!
    Lynn ;)

  12. These pictures are awesome! I like the romantic and sweet one very much. Yesterday I saw a tree in (Yes here!) that's all yellow and I immediately thought of you all who are living in temperate countries. I think that it is so wonderful to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature in four seasons. Oh, thank you for recommending me plumeria :-D

  13. I keep meaning to get over to your blog more, but when I do make it over, I'm always impressed. Wonderful pics... I like the door, but quite frankly gnomes always creeped me out. Which doesn't really make sense. I like voodoo dolls. I'm beginning to ramble aren't I? later.

  14. Thanks for sharing such magical woodland photos. Too funny how someone left that gnomes out there.

  15. Don't feel guilty about goofing off. You must enjoy the lovely weather while it's here, because winter will soon arrive. Housework never wins over a pretty day!

  16. I enjoyed going on your walk with you while waking up enough to start my baking. I had to laugh about the song going through your head and out of your mouth. I do that a lot. What drives my husband nuts, is when I sing TV commercial songs. Our Nebraska Scooter Mart's song was going through my head a lot. Larry has kind of cured me of singing around him, though, because he'll interrupt me with, "Viva V.....". He knows I try not to listen to that on TV, because I don't want it going through my head or out of my mouth.

  17. The picture with the children in between the trees is fantastic. A new favorite of mine is the tree with the door. It's absolutely amazing:)

    Really like your blog and will return for more.



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