Saturday, November 21, 2009

November is.....

....walks in weather that's no longer warm and mild ....bittersweet berries growing wild....leaves crunching under my feet in shades of red and gold~such a colorful treat
....cornfields~brown and brittle, before the last tractor mow
soon to be fields blanketed with white powdery snow
....chlorophyll doing their thing~or should I say 'not' ....and squirrels doing their thing~adding nuts to the pot ....lawn mowers put away~not to be seen
husbands now relaxing in front of the big screen
....enjoying silhouettes of trees and cloud striations ....saying goodbye to southbound migrations
(Hey! One dude's out of formation!)
....hello to a fuller moonand large family gatherings coming soon
....beautiful tablescapes with a Thanksgiving theme
a slice of pie to go with my whole can of whipped cream :^)
....quiet evenings in front of a fire
a pastime that I will never, ever tire
....blanket over my legs, kitty by my side, book in my lap
closing my eyes and mastering the art of a good nap....


  1. Great photos. A nap by the fire may be just the thing tomorrow. Rainy and cooler.

  2. Sounds like you're enjoying the fall, and getting creative while getting cozy as well! Great rhyme and photos. what's going on with that out of formation guy?!

  3. This was beautiful Lynn...
    that guy was out of line
    to help you with your rhyme..:)

    Peace ~ Rene

  4. what beautiful photos this post!

  5. beautiful work, Lynn!

    (extra points for whipped cream!)

  6. Lynn,
    You are talented poetess! I enjoyed reading it and the photos that went along with it were fantastic. I am loving the book reading too. I just came home with a massive bag yesterday. I am ready for the snow. Bring it on.

  7. Autumn is beautiful and nice shots! I like that little blue hut there :-D

  8. Hi Tom! Hope you DO make time to enjoy a book and fire...then nap comes easier ;)

    Wendy, I didn't see that 'stray' guy til I went to post the photo and the rhyme came easy...cuz I'm sooo NOT that clever with words! Have a great Sunday!

    Speaking of clever writing! Rene, you're such a natural...thanks for the help here ;)

    Thank you, Tootsie!

    Hi Chuck! The extra whipped cream will require extra!

    Rosey, reading is what we gardeners do in the off season ;) I will re-read a favorite book over and over again...even though my stack of 'new' keeps getting taller and taller. Not ready for the snow but I guess it'll make for new photographs ;)

    Hi Steph, that blue hut (lol!) matches my blue house! Just room enough for tractor and garden tools. Thanks for your visit;)

  9. Lovely fall photos, Lynn. Those clear blue skies are a real treat in the Pacific Northwest gloom.

  10. I soo enjoy reading your blog and looking at your new photos. We love gardening too. Thanks for making the day more "beautiful" and for your creative blogging.
    Sandy and James

  11. Lynn what a wonderful posting. You summed it up so beautifully and with great pictures.Wow!

  12. How beautiful - so many wonderful things in November! Love the photo with one dude out of formation!

  13. Thank you, Kelly!

    Sandy & James! Awesome of you to visit and comment...but you make me miss California! Mahalo :)

    Sweet Lona, thank you so much!

    PC~Canadian geese are rampant now here...I've taken way too many pics of them but this one was special..thanks!

  14. I love the poem and the illustrations! Very poetic surroundings. You're truly talented, Lynn.

  15. I really love the coziness of fall. Sitting by the fire is one of my favorite things. Thank you for a lovely post.

  16. Amazing photographs !!!!!
    You are some creative photographer.
    Just love those pics !!

  17. Hi Lynn, I loved this post so much. The photos and the poetry, both brilliantly done. Your sweet kitty by the fire looks pretty darn happy too. Hope you have a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving.

  18. I really enjoyed your poetry and photo illustrations! Fun, fun, fun!


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