Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rise and Shine!

Nothing like a 5am walk to get your heart racing! And I don't mean from the exercise! Up and out the door with Bandit in total darkness was how this day started. I am not easily spooked so no thought at all given to the fact that I could barely see beyond arm's length. But, soon my eyes adjusted, and I found the cold morning air quite exhilarating.

Too engrossed in my audio book, I wasn't aware that Bandit sensed something in the bushes! Suddenly, the still, peaceful quiet was rudely interrupted with his best 'protecting my mommy' voice! And for a 13-lb. ball of fluff, he's quite loud! Sorry neighbors!

So, do I turn and run back the way I came? NO, silly! Being the brave girl that I am...or just plain crazy!...I pull out my camera and aim it at the bushes, snapping away! Maybe it's just a raccoon! A fox? Possibly a bear!

Hmph...no such luck! Here's the culprit!

Drats! Just another deer! Or maybe an alien in disguise!!

Another hour or so later, Mr. Sun is out, but just barely. I'm chilled now and ready to head back. So is little Bandit.

Back in my garden, there's still color to be found...mostly in the form of foliage.

After his quick rest, Bandit was rearing to go again. As soon as I opened the door, off he went, chasing more intruders! And boy, do they run!!Many chores on my To Do List but, first, someone desperately needs a warm bath! Then I'll take care of Bandit's feet...lol! Oooh, the joys of owning a little white fluff!So, friends, I hope you realize that I was willing to risk my life...hey, it could've been a bear!...all for the sake of a good picture/post...just sayin'! Maybe next time! Happy Day, all!


  1. Lynn,
    That is too funny. Little bandit chasing after bambi. :)
    Your foliage photos are excellent!
    I am glad you were safe! Protected by a little ball of fluff.

  2. Isn't it just the best at that hour?
    I'm lovin' it :)

    Peace ~ Rene

  3. Your little Bandit looks just like Buddy with the muddy boots. How precious he is. Can't believe you were able to snap a photo of the deer. Lucky you. Sounds like a brisk walk. Hope your day is a good one.

  4. Wow, what a cool photo fo the deer..love the glowing eyes! What a fun post..i enjoyed the story very much..and awww..those little mudy paws were too cute!Great post!! Lovely pictures!!

  5. Why do us gardeners pick little white dogs to take out with us? :)
    Seeing your walk makes me want to get up and go for one early to see what excitement I can find. Love all the color you still have!

  6. Just sayin', Lynn... what a nice surprise to read your fun story (er, sorry, you did risk your life, after all) and see the beautiful photos. We get a lot of deer around here, including in our back yard, but your early-morning picture was striking. Bambi's white eyes matching Bandit's white fur!

    I'll send you an email, but now that we've planted the bulbs, I need my next gardening assignment!

    Happy Week!

  7. Brandit - you sweet, little protector!
    love the muddy paws!
    so IN this season!

    Lynn... when are you giving
    photography classes?
    'cause i'm signing up!

    stunning, always~

  8. Oh, the things we will do for blog photos, LOL, and wow, you got some incredible ones here!

  9. ha ha... bandit's dirty feet... but he still look so cute :-D Looks like those foliage in your garden enjoy the morning dew as much as you and Bandit did... nice photos!

  10. Bandit is sooooo cute! My friend used to wrap her little white fluff's feet in ziploc bags everytime she took him out. Bandit must have such fun running after the deer. What power to a little fluffy dog to chase an animal 10 times his own size!

  11. Very entertaining post, Lynn. Love all your shots but Bandit's top 'em all! ')

  12. Thanks, Rosey :)

    Rene, yes, it is!:)

    Becca, I was pretty close to that deer but she didn't seem at all surprised!

    Kiki and Catherine, thanks for your visits. Yes, little white dogs and gardening do not mix ;)

  13. Ginny, if you're serious, I DO have a project for you! Have a great week yourself.

    Thanks, Chuck~Yes, my little protector is FIERCE!!

    Thank you, Sue and Stephanie!

  14. Hi Lynn, you had me scared there for a moment, but having Bandit with you as protection proves you had nothing to fear! I laughed out loud at the feet though. Too funny! You are brave for that early morning walk, a good reason to have cats! :-)
    The photos of your colorful foliage are simply superb!

  15. That Bandit will not be able to get by with too much sneaking around and adventures. It will always tell on his white paws what he has been up too.
    Great foliage shots!

  16. Lynn, Your Bandit is so cute with those little black feet. I loved all the foliage you photographed.

  17. I love your Bandit, most of all. What a cute dog, especially with all the mud!

  18. Lovely photograph, I really enjoy all the picture on the Blog.
    Good luck in future.
    Karin in Sweden //

  19. Gorgeous sky and purple foliage shots. And them's some filthy dog feet. You should do a post on how you keep that white rug so clean.


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