Sunday, October 31, 2010

October's Glory

How fortunate we've been to experience such mild temps in central New Jersey. And I can't remember a more colorful and long-lasting display of spectacular foliage!

A favorite walking trail through Ken Lockwood Gorge.

The annual Haunted Mill was a huge success! Proceeds go to the upkeep of Clinton's Historical Red Mill

A few of my make-up much fun!

Enjoy your October glory and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's been a while...

Even though we are preparing to 'fall back' on the clock, time has a way of springing forward so fast this time of year! I've not yet outgrown the habit of thinking I have plenty of days left to put the garden to bed. Anybody else think this way...?

At least the pond has been netted. But, as you can see, my daily visitors still mosey on by. I caught this guy nosing his way under the net, and man, was he perturbed! Coming within 10 feet and he's still boldly staring me down...the nerve!
Our Koi family of 8 are still present. Though Neo, our blue boy, was camera shy here. They have to start fending for themselves, as major diet restriction starts now. Don't worry, it's actually a good thing...

Mums are what's popping up now. I'm sure I've mentioned that these 'daisy mums' are my favorite!

Love this perennial hibiscus!

Hey, good eye if you spy Bandit! That li'l stinker always manages to sneak into my pics! :)

Scenes from around town...

Beautiful sunrise captured earlier this week

Above tulips and daffodils finally ordered...YAY! As you know, those FALL catalogs start arriving in July, but, if you wait 'til the last mailing in October, the sales are tremendous! A lesson I've learned the hard So, I'll have a window of one month to get 400 bulbs planted. Hmmm...somehow, I have a feeling I'll be digging on that 30th day! Better late than never, I guess...

Happy October, ALL! Hopefully, I'll post some ghouls and goblins next.