Friday, October 15, 2010

It's been a while...

Even though we are preparing to 'fall back' on the clock, time has a way of springing forward so fast this time of year! I've not yet outgrown the habit of thinking I have plenty of days left to put the garden to bed. Anybody else think this way...?

At least the pond has been netted. But, as you can see, my daily visitors still mosey on by. I caught this guy nosing his way under the net, and man, was he perturbed! Coming within 10 feet and he's still boldly staring me down...the nerve!
Our Koi family of 8 are still present. Though Neo, our blue boy, was camera shy here. They have to start fending for themselves, as major diet restriction starts now. Don't worry, it's actually a good thing...

Mums are what's popping up now. I'm sure I've mentioned that these 'daisy mums' are my favorite!

Love this perennial hibiscus!

Hey, good eye if you spy Bandit! That li'l stinker always manages to sneak into my pics! :)

Scenes from around town...

Beautiful sunrise captured earlier this week

Above tulips and daffodils finally ordered...YAY! As you know, those FALL catalogs start arriving in July, but, if you wait 'til the last mailing in October, the sales are tremendous! A lesson I've learned the hard So, I'll have a window of one month to get 400 bulbs planted. Hmmm...somehow, I have a feeling I'll be digging on that 30th day! Better late than never, I guess...

Happy October, ALL! Hopefully, I'll post some ghouls and goblins next.


  1. Hi Lynn. Gorgeous pictures.Do not even mention plating bulbs. I have 120 to plant too. LOL! You have me beat girl.Your pond looks prettier every time you post it. What a great picture of the ducks. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. She's right your pond does look fantastic. Can't wait get mine in. We just had too much to do this summer to get it in so we're shooting for next year.
    I sure miss your posts but then I know only too well about being to busy to post most of the summer.
    Next time . . .

  3. That is a handsome Buck though. Your gardens look beautiful.

  4. Your koi are so colorful, and each one is different. What does it mean that your pond is netted?

  5. Oh Wow, Lynn. Your place is so beautiful! I love all the pictures. You have such beautiful sunsets, autumn is glowing and the mandarin ducks look very blissful. How I wish....

  6. Wish we had fall color like that in the Pacific Northwest. And 400 bulbs? You made me break out into a cold sweat. LOL

  7. Thanks, Lona!
    I usually plant my bulbs in groups of 9 so the 400 goes fast! A few years ago, I planted over 1000. THAT took extra time.
    Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Linda! Really enjoyed your last post...alot of blooms to "ooh" and "aah" over ;)

  8. Hey Darla!
    That buck is probably the same one in my picture a few weeks back, just bigger! Will be thinking of you on the BIG DAY~Congrats!!

    Thanks for your visit, Terra. We picked all very distinctive kois so would be able to name and tell them apart. The kids' fish all have Disney character! I installed a net over the surface of the pond to help protect them through winter and keep away leaf depris...hopefully, it'll hold up through the heavy snow days.

  9. Hi i am new here, just followed your comments from Autumn Belle. How lovely your environs are, and your photos captured them perfectly. I especially love those sunsets, the autumn leaves and the grasses against the sky. How beautiful and the feeling that the area is so peaceful.

  10. Hi, Lynn. Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by to look through some of your old posts. I'm reworking one of my daylily beds and needed some inspiration. Thanks!

  11. wow, that pond has really matured - looks like it's been there forever.

    The deer are really attracted to your garden aren't they - you probably have the best buffet in the nieghborhood!

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog when I was looking through gardening blogs, and I must say some of the photos are stunning!


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