Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's that time again!

If you're a garden nut, like me, you know I am referring to that very first garden tour of the year! And with the warm winter we've had in New Jersey, I was even more anxious than usual. The theme was Movie Classics. Best in Show went to, of course, Gone with the Wind.

Sweeping fields of tulips and daffodils...a feast for the eye!

This pretty water garden represented Swiss Family Robinson

An unusual chocolately-shade of anthurium

Keeping it simple, yet elegant, is the art of ikebana

The Wizard of Oz showcased some unusual plants.

Lovely white hellebores

Back to the yellow brick road identification on this prickly plant

Another bloom I'm not familiar with, but, it's from the orchid family...anyone?

The fragrance of this witch hazel was intoxicating!

Miniature roses making a huge impact!

Next road trip? The Philadelphia Flower Show! The theme will be the tropical paradise of favorite! Anyone else going...???