Monday, May 30, 2016

Big News!

There comes that certain time in Spring when the weather is just oh-so-perfect
and we can finally get out there and garden to our heart's content.
The last two weeks have been that time for me.  I finally felt that shift in the air (and in my bones), allowing me to work 10-hr.days yet still find enough adrenaline to keep going.  Day in and day out. THIS is what we waited all winter for...right?!
Of course, it never fails that the more I accomplish, the more I STILL need to do, and it
becomes a vicious circle...but that's the nature of gardening, huh?
Believe me, I am not complaining!  Since the installation of the deer fence (see last post), tulips have taken center stage in my garden in Springtime!  April and May have never been more beautiful, and using my creativity for color combinations has been crazy fun!
And, come summer, growing daylilies has taken on a whole new level!  So overjoyed with last year's display that I dared to apply and receive approval to become a Display Garden for the American Hemerocallis Society.   What an honor!
My collection of daylilies have grown quiet a bit plus many new companion plants.
 Yes, I know I have my work cut out for me but I am ready!
Bring. It. On!
 If any of my blogging friends are within driving distance, please come visit me! 
Dates will soon be announced.
Thanks for stopping and Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Best Garden Gift...Ever!

Investing as much time, energy and MONEY as I do in my garden, the worst outcome would be not seeing and enjoying the fruits of my labor, right?
 And living in deer country sure makes that an ongoing challenge!

An existing 6ft. fence did nothing to deter those pesky four-legged buggers!  They instinctively knew when the daylily buds were at peak flavor.  Grrrr!!!
Then my life changed on August 14, 2014.  The day of the 8ft. deer fence installation!
The back half (of an acre) was now completely safe to plant to my heart's desire...
what a glorious feeling!
 Kudos to "The Fence Co." for a job well done!  The distance between posts are about 20ft. and there's even a 10ft. double gate to allow trucks for soil/mulch delivery.  The family room's view of the corner braces took a bit getting used to...I don't even notice it anymore!
 These mounds of goodness were delivered a week before the fence...I was too excited to wait!  My daughter and friend are smiling because it was the easiest $20/hr. job ever...and boy, did they take their time!
 Fast forward to July, 2015, and this is what the mound of soil looked like.  We still see deer in the yard, but on the OTHER side of the fence...peering in with big eyes and mouths watering..HA!

 Several more truckloads of soil have been added since this bed.  
And I have another big piece of news to share in the next post, so....
Stay tuned...
Have a great SUNday, friends!