Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Allow me a few minutes of your undivided attention. Join me...down this enchanting path. I will entice you with all that I possess. You will FALL for me. But, first, quell your inner chaos, then take my hand~I will do the rest. Breathe me in...
Stop and study the details of my world
Enjoy the creatures of my playground. Be they wild... Or respectfully tame
Look me up....
And admire me below
Feel the power of my glow...
the richness of my palette
Love me at a distance
and eye-to-eye
Let your spirit soar...
Forever, I can be yours...
So, remember this spell I've cast upon you!Leave me now, if you must, but know I'll be here~
beckoning and anticipating your sweet return.
For I am my best in FALL


  1. Fall leaves are one of my favorite things. Alas, this year cold and heavy snow have frozen our trees breaking off branches and the leaves are falling in a heap onto the ground. So a glance into your world is balm to sooth my disappointment.

  2. Golden trees, falling leaves. These are all the autumn pictures I want to see. Even the barren tree has character. It also looks like a hand pointing at the sky. I always like to see ducks in pairs, they look so romantic. You are truly a great photographer! Where is this place that you called the enchanting path?

  3. Ditto! Wow ya really knocked yourself out on this one! Fantastic post!

  4. You enticed me with all the beauty you have to offer Fall!

  5. Hi Lynn, insomnia or not, this is superb! I have fallen head over heels. We have a place not far from here so similar it could be the exact same. Need to get there pronto! :-)

  6. just flat out rock...
    beautifully shot and written with such very "come hither" attitude.
    Fall brings out your saucier side, huh? :)

    Peace - Rene

  7. What a beautiful post! The pictures truly capture the feeling of fall.

  8. Wonderful post, amazing photos of FALL. I'm enjoying every moment following you.

  9. Lynn, this post is fantastic! Honestly. I enjoyed its every word and every picture. Thank you!

  10. Hi Lynn;

    I have enjoyed your fall foliage pictures and I know it was fun taking them. There's still snow in the woods here although it did get up to 38 today for a while. I'm heading to central Vermont Friday and I expect to see some more color there. Here at the house the wind, rain and snow have knocked down a lot of color in the past couple days.

    If I can, I want to get out and take nothing but seeds and seedpods. Seed disperal starts with some very interesting plant objects, many of which look special taken in black and white.

    George Africa
    The Vermont Gardener

  11. Awww Lynn what a nice post!!! Great job! I enjoyed the pictures, the words, everything! -Jackie

  12. oh, I loved it. My boys fly fish and so that spoke to me also. Beautiful photos.

  13. Lynn, that was awesome! I love the photos and all the commentary was perfect!

  14. Fall is beautiful. But I am not so sure about the temperature ;-) I love to see those orange and brown leaves as I do not get to see them here. Nonetheless, enjoy every season that you have. Over here, we have only one season... sunshine and rain every day :-)

  15. Hey, thanks everybody for your visits and comments!

    Frances, I'm lucky this gorge is a five minute drive from my house. I come here often when I want to 'hide' :) It's a great place to walk, run and just enjoy nature. Fall is definitely my you can appreciate!

    LOL, Rene, I left the same rockin' comment on your last post ;) Yeah, saucier...that's moi!

    George, have fun seed collecting...looking forward to the b/w's.

    I'll be on a plane heading to San Diego in a few hours so I'll catch up with the rest of the comments from the other coast. Sunny beaches, here I come! Have a great weekend everyone!

  16. Fall is beautiful....we dont have this season in southern india and while i wa sin US i did not notice the fall :-(

  17. Your Autumn photos are divine, Lynn! I can't say which is my fave, they are all superb!
    You did enchant me.

  18. Wow, Lynn, those are awesome fall photos! I forgot to see if you wrote the poem, or if you found it somewhere. It's lovely, too.

  19. The berries were my favorite! But then the green veins were my favorite. Fickle is fun. You live in a magical place!

  20. Nice post. Well you asked about my landscape career while passing comments on my blog. I'm in the primary phase of my career and going very successful so far. Ya I feel lucky to adopt this career, by which I play with nature on hourly basis. Gardening styles in Pakistan are quite formal. Now a days,I can note some evolutionary changes in our newly planned gardens having some informal and exotic that's all. Hope you'v get what you want to know. Do ask me if you wana know anything else. I'm really pleased to meet you. Have a nice day :)

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  22. Hope you are having fun and figured out how to email post cause I'm betting you are taking some more fabulous pictures .. Words can not express how breath taking this post is you so out did yourself girlfriend!! We don't see colors like this around here.. I am going back and taking this walk again. hugs, Cherry

  23. Your photography is beautiful. You've captured fall just perfectly! I love that copper colored fern. They're beautiful in the natural landscape. Looks like a nice trip! Is that hubby fly fishing?

  24. you are incredible, Lynn...

    such beautiful words,
    pictures, sentiments!

    you an Artist...
    and on so many levels!

    peace~ Chuck

  25. Lynn, That was absolutely wonderful! Thank you for this beautiful post. Perhaps you should visit Dave at The Home Garden for his Fall Color Project 2009 meme. :-)

  26. Another shout-out to my wonderful friends!

    You're so sweet, thank you, Sue!

    Cherry, I was the beach early trying to catch the sunrise this morning but I'd forgotten how foggy the coast can be so no pretty sunrise photos but lots of surfers and seagulls ;)

    Thanks, Wendy, the copper ferns and moss were my favorite finds on this trip!

    Thank you, Chuck! This beautiful place was all the inspiration I needed and the words came easy ;)

    Shady Gardener, thanks for the info...I will look up Dave's project...

  27. That was such a beautiful post Lynn, and very poetic too! Thanks so much for sharing your autumn beauty with us. My cosmos with the tubed petals are called Seashell cosmos.

  28. Glorious fall photos, thank you!!

  29. Great photos. I adore the colors of fall.
    Where I live we have a change of seasons but it is more muted, not so many bright bursts of yellow, orange and red.

  30. Oh what wondrous photos, and I love your words with them too! Autumn is so special and magical and you have really captured this.

  31. Beautiful photos Lynn! I feel like I just had a mini vacation! Thanks for the lovely post.

  32. Beautiful fall photos! What are the lovely multi-colored leaves in the fourth photo?

  33. Wow! Your pictures are beautiful. I love how you capture the light.

  34. Thank you for this Fall tour!
    You had my undivided attention.
    Beautiful pictures!

    I was chasing Fall yesterday with my camera.
    So much beauty to capture.

  35. Amazing pictures!The fall is the best time of the year and the colors around make for some scenic beauty.Please visit BeWaterWise dot com for some water-wise gardening tips and enjoy gardening in the fall!


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